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  1. I take that back now ๐Ÿ˜‚ Na I prefer segbe over Wilson he makes a bigger impact Well presented in agreeing with you Maybe after 70 mins but then it will finish 3-3
  2. This is a joke I was so surprised at possibly our best player going to the team at the bottom of the national league ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ Then Banide went i was shocked but though ok hopefully we can sign somebody decent now, then I saw this new manager and read into him and heโ€™s just been sacked from the team at the rock bottom in our league, if heโ€™s not successful there I really do begin to wonder how heโ€™s going to do with abdullah bossing him around
  3. we are playing good football and I fancy us at home to a pretty poor team anyone else?
  4. Watching the hi-lights back itโ€™s nit like they scored good goals is was just poor defending 1st we didnโ€™t win a header to clear it away and the second he just ran through the defence and slotted it away
  5. After a game at scunny, we would pick morecambe or Stevenage for our next game at home, and itโ€™s morecambe who are pretty crap at the moment and just lost 1-0 to Walsall. Surely a win to take us a few places up the league, but I remember last year a really late equaliser taking two points off us. This whole late conceding goals thing has to stop and put some discipline into the defence. Come on you blues ๐Ÿ’™
  6. We played ok Saturday, if we take our chances and defend well we should beat them, although they did just win 3-0 at home
  7. Yes youโ€™re right Iโ€™d be hoping for 4000
  8. What we saying, grimsby just had 2 home games and scored 0 Oldham at the back of a 2-2 at Plymouth i think we have a chance if we play the right team
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