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  1. I think you'll find we took 1250 previously thank you very much. In all seriousness, our away fans have always been good vocal wise however the numbers that are now coming is impressive. I think it's got a lot to do with the chairmen & chairwoman in charge who've been working night and day to re-enter Tranmere as a community club. I really can't stress how great they've been..............do they have deep pockets (nope) but are they business minded and building the club in a sustainable way, then yeah 100%. It also helps that they've appointed Micky Mellon who just gets the club, the town and the fanbase. When we won promotion he acted like a supporter and was in the local pubs to the early hours. I personally just picked the man up and carried him around for a good couple of minutes screaming "thank you" down his ear. Anyway I believe we have pretty much sold out our initial allocation of 1,765 and there wil probs be a couple more hundred on the gate so hopefully a decent gate & atmosphere.
  2. Any players to watch out for?? See Jose has decided to swerve the match.
  3. Well honestly there were days during our exile out of the football league where I genuinely thought we'd never get to grace boundary park again. In fact at the point were Welling turned us over 2-1 on the day we said good bye to Johhny king I actually started to miss BP a little. But football is a funny old game and here we are planning another trip to BP but sadly not in league 1. Just wondering what's going on really lads as I had you as a decent chance of pushing for the automatics this season before Scholes and then expected a bit of a bounce with Scholes. Any signs that he can turn it around (still too early probs)?? Confident for Saturdays match? Have you missed us??? 🤩 ps congrats on finally building a 4th stand but am going to miss our regular currency exchange scheme we use to have in the old away stand
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