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  1. Thank fuck someone on our team knows where the onion bag is.
  2. Football is fucked at our level after the latest government announcement, they might as well wrap up now before it becomes a farce. Clubs will be dropping out all over the place, the league will be rendered useless.
  3. To be fair what else could he have said, he works for the owner of the club, he needs to say the right things or else he will be looking for work.
  4. Fair enough that Bristol, nows the time to pick up your headmasters cane.
  5. Have a good birthday Pete, I won't ask your age but take it easy.
  6. Most people protested with their feet pre lock down, I would have thought that we would have seen some sort of protests by now if it hadn't been for covid.
  7. And the consistency of getting rid of managers quickly is one of the reasons why we are consistently shit.
  8. The managers under this regime have all been puppets, except a couple, the owners should be glad fans are not allowed in the stadium.
  9. The club is toxic, no manager could get this lot playing as a team.
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