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  1. Enjoy it metty, be good to get back inside the grounds.
  2. Well England have started OK in the tournament, Croatia never really threatened but that could have been down to the England midfield of which Phillips and Rice were the stand outs. 1 more win should do it I only hope we give the sweatys a good tonking.
  3. Don't show your hand too early, you don't want a target on your back.
  4. Exactly, it's only a game, hopefully Eriksen recovers and has a healthy future.
  5. So we are under way. The Italians look impressive, perhaps Turkey sat too deep and paid the price by chasing the ball. Personally I would love the Italian's to win as 10/1 was too big a price to ignore. It could be a decent tournament if the 1st game is anything to go by, we will know more after the weekend.
  6. Echo that, at least when England fail to qualify for the knock out stages we will still have a interest in the competition.
  7. BCD was one of them, it's quite sad when you have to keep changing your name to get some attention.
  8. Nah wasn't me, I normally give them the mandatory 90 minutes before judging.
  9. He is shite, Just wanted to be the first to say it, truth is I know fuck all about him.
  10. Good to see you are still around, is this the 5th re incarnation.
  11. Also don't forget Metty. I echo what Matt says.
  12. He has my deepest sympathy, I hope he finds life treating him kinder in the future. He was still a fraud though.
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