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  1. He will sign for Hereford close season, and score against us next year.
  2. Sam Surridge wasn't here long but showed his quality, Smith and Lang were good to watch.
  3. Him and Philiskirk were unplayable that game, seems like an age ago.
  4. Perhaps he is just trying to get a little bit more out of him by bulling him up. Whilst not believing what he is saying.
  5. I can't see us getting rid of another one of our better players, it would totally show a total lack of ambition. If it does happen I suppose we could get another Barnes type player.
  6. And that's where I see us, plateauing between the top and the bottom, let's get to 50 points and see how many games are left.
  7. This team won't even make the play offs, Adams looked a quality addition, just need another solid midfielder to play alongside Hillsner. As much as I am happy about the 3 points today the sending off changed the game.
  8. At 1-1 and just after they were down to 10 men we had a good spell where we passed it around and kept spreading the play to opposite sides of the pitch, Newport couldn't get a kick, this led to us taking the lead, we then stopped passing it around, let them back into it, we need to make them work. This game is there for the taking we need to get 3 points keep away from the bottom 2.
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