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  1. Whilst he is possibly the least qualified to be doing his job in football. You really couldn't make it up.
  2. At least it will start the end game.
  3. We could collect all our dogs crap and make a statue of our owner in recognition of everything he has made our club.
  4. Whoever said tonight was a free hit, was wrong, a battering is the worst thing that could happen to a poor football team, confidence will be shot, can see a panful by Rochdale on Saturday.
  5. Someone predicted 4-0 HT. 10-0 full time could be a good shout.
  6. Well done to Joel, he should take my advise and spend it on wine and women, if not just squander it.
  7. His body is more suited to the casket carried down Sheepfoot Lane yesterday.
  8. Thanks Diego, good to see the inflatable yard dog there today. Happy times.
  9. I thought there were more than 500, but it doesn't matter about the numbers, the message was loud and clear as well as being respectful. I don't know where we go next but I can imagine Rochdale next week being slightly toxic.
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