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  1. It's all guesswork, Curle may be happy just to be managing, I'm hopeful that the owner may have learnt that it's best to let those with the knowledge of the footballing side of things, be left to get on with it with no interference from those who know Jack shit. Perhaps just perhaps.
  2. We have an option on him don't we, it would be folly for us not to exercise this. That's if the owner has any pretensions of competing at the upper end of this God forsaken division.
  3. We are talking about Manchester United here, you have seen how some of their fans demand success.
  4. I get what you are saying, but Pidge seems like a good fit for Curle's style. As a 3 you need a good old fashioned win all with little skill at this level.
  5. So many fans just don't want this, tradition is alive and kicking.
  6. Have a lie down, I'm sure normal service will be resumed.
  7. If ESL want to carry on with English teams as part of it, in the pecking order we will be the 84th to be asked as it stands. Anyone for the Bernabau on a Wednesday night.
  8. It's all folding like a deck of cards, hopefully Stretford Fc will stick to their guns and then get fucked off by the FA.
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