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  1. And this independent body will be who ? Ps presumably if we going OFSTED OFFQual OFcom route it will be called OFFSIDE?
  2. I don’t think passing and moving should be alien to players whose job it is to be full time footballers ...and in particularly the likes of Dearnly Whelan McAleny Jamboti CBJ Bahamboula who were brought up in elite academies will have done little else Now Pidge is a different matter though
  3. The game has changed massively and 3 significant reasons are the quality of the playing surfaces....meaning you can pass with confidence anywhere on the field the removal of the back pass to the keeper....meaning you can press high up the field without the other team having an easy out a dead ball kick does not have to leave the penalty and the opposition cannot enter it until the ball is played .....where else on the pitch can you guarantee one of your players having the ball with 12 yards of space. games evolve, ...not so long ago a cri
  4. Oh dear....I am on the same page as Monty! This might not end well
  5. “ feed the ball to Rowe Dearnley and McAleny”......how exactly is a team “ who aren’t capable of keep ball“ and who should “ go direct “ going to do that? .....I remember the dinosaurs of 1966 mocking trendy wingless wonders tactics.....
  6. So let’s kick it 70 yards to them , cut out 4 of our players from the game , negate any chance of creating anything ourselves, hope for a lucky knock on .......we kick off at 3.00 on a Saturday afternoon not 10.30 on a Sunday morning.
  7. So going forward no different than flu and its vaccine and its annual toll ?
  8. Steady ....we have conceded the most goals in the entire football league.....we even conceded one on Saturday to a team who had failed to score in all 3 of the home games before that . The 3 at the back worked well on Saturday to be fair but I think we are underestimating how poor 3 or 4 of the Bolton side were
  9. He could also call off the game if he thought the floodlights were too bright and dazzling players
  10. The fascinating question is what does “ making it “ mean for the classic academy trained player ......Evina was one, he played 207 pro games at league 1/ championship level......did he make it ? For me yes but.....
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