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  1. No problem....he hasn’t scored in the league for 12 days....nothing to discuss in those 12 days of my self isolation . 4 in 16 league games now.....not a lot to discuss really ?
  2. Cambridge returned a Labour MP though......just a detail .. don’t let it get in your way.
  3. More evidence that there is no correlation between Rowe’s presence in the team and the team’s prospect of winning or scoring goals? On the other hand more evidence that Pidge’s absence from the team does prima facie show correlation between winning and conceding ? Discuss
  4. This is a serious thread ....save it for the knockabout threads
  5. Any mathematicians on here? in Liverpool over the last 2 weeks they have tested circa 200k.....one of the benefits is that they say they have found 800 asymptomatic positives . My O level Maths tells me that is 400 per 100k even without symptomatic positives . How is it possible that the official figure for Liverpool is 147 per 100k for 15th Nov to 22nd Nov?
  6. Yep they southerners are hailing the announcement as good news...Rugby Union crowds back , village pub open, Michelin restaurants back..........as for going to away games. I doubt it will be possible , presumably they will be all ticket with proof of address needed. ...unless of course we can get a game away at Las Palmas....Schapps is happy for us to go there but snipers will be deployed to stop us going FGR
  7. I am bit more cynical than that....it appears from reading between the lines that most areas are going to be tier 2 minimum and the crowd announcement is just smoke and mirrors In essence what will come into force on 3 Dec is just lockdown rebranded
  8. Just heard a RFU official say that opening Twickenham for a crowd below 25000 costs them money and they would rather play to empty stadiums.....United and Liverpool will be the same and will have no interest in a crowd of 4,000
  9. No...the precious self important author just needed to be reminded that he operates to the same rules of pedantry as he likes to impose on others .......I was just doing what you have just done
  10. Oh look.... only a day later ....Everton given indirect free kick for Fulham playing the ball twice at a penalty.. Stupid defence
  11. He wasn’t talking about penalties or throw ins either ...so what?
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