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  1. Glowing reference from my Sheff Utd supporting colleague
  2. Bloody hell 15 pages in the other topic slagging off the Trust and now this has turned into one already.
  3. Wabara asked to be released. Fed up of being loaned out. Nice to see a lad wanting to play football instead of being a reserve.
  4. Just made me laugh that you suggested him being a team mate of Lee Hughes made him into a thug.
  5. When did we start accepting such mediocrity? Sad sad times.
  6. I despair I really do. Nothing against the lad but come on Latics. Building for life in League 2.
  7. And you would be excited about another conference no mark?
  8. http://gafcforum.proboards.com/thread/5575/adam-lockwood?page=1#post-72073
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