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  1. Wabara asked to be released. Fed up of being loaned out. Nice to see a lad wanting to play football instead of being a reserve.
  2. Glad he's not gone on to prove us wrong. One of the very few that seem to carry on being :censored:.
  3. Matt Chambers on Twitter. Uh oh Im explaining myself again.
  4. The story goes he made alot of money outside of football doesn't it?
  5. Keigan Parker signs for Shettleston http://www.examiner.co.uk/huddersfield-town-fc/huddersfield-town-news/2013/07/08/keigan-parker-back-with-town-but-it-s-not-huddersfield-town-86081-33578563/
  6. i have a good parking spot at latics if we ever drive. its the first street behind the main car park. my mums fella's parents said i can park there whenever i want. 2 min walk to chaddy.

  7. come back we miss you

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