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  1. Think he’s good for what we can potentially get. Good contacts, knows the division and I have 100% confidence if he picks signings they will solid Pro’s who will not have us in a relegation battle. Whether he can put together a promotion team in one year I’m not sure but I’m happy if he stays for sure
  2. Love BP and how 2 sides are still the same today. So much character and they actually did a really good job on the new stand. Prefer it with an open away end and hope long term they manage to renovate the main stand instead of replacing
  3. clubs are struggling. Imagine offers on same money are t there this year so they rejected it. Can’t see many signing up early unless they get what they want so I’d bet most players will wait until last min to sign to drive up there wage. Expect very few signing until about a week before season starts
  4. He has a formation and style that works so will want players that fit that. If he gets that then he’ll be a good manager for us. If he doesn’t then I’m not sure he’s that adaptable. I hope they back him with what he wants but I doubt it.
  5. So when do we think the club should be signing curle up by. If we are to go with curle I’d expect us to have him signed up by end of next week at the latest so he can make moves early for next year. The fact we have no announcement yet makes me feel like there is a change due. whoever ends up will have a real tough job, 19the best team and it’s 20 goal striker gone.
  6. agree we need the type but neither of them would get in this seasons team they were shocking. Fane literally couldn’t control or pass it. To say ntambwe is better at anything is hard but he can honestly play better than both of them
  7. Seen enough of him to say there is better about. Lawler was a big upgrade
  8. they would never get higher gates than we would if we were a winning team. Club is well set up, good ground, decent size town, good history. Plenty going for us which is why languishing in 18th in league 2 is really poor for us. Should be a division higher
  9. Finish 18th. Would have taken that at start and will take next year if abdullah still in charge. Overall a wasted season, no further on, manager in with less than half a season behind him, likely brand new squad baring a few faces. Chances of promotion, very low. Depressing
  10. only season he’s managed it though I think. Bit of a risk suggesting he’ll be injury free from now on.
  11. The battle for 17th!! If we lose by 1 and Harrogate pick up a win we are in prime position to get our desired finish spot
  12. yep you’d have to be happy if we had both of those two and they were fit to play. Would u break the bank for mcaleny? His injury record suggest probably not as u can’t be sure he’ll be fit to put all ur money on him
  13. mcaleney will have plenty of offers better than ours after scoring 17 goals. It won’t be a case of us deciding on whether we keep him he’ll be gone
  14. Curle’s a decent manager and has a good idea what is needed but no way under current ownership will he get 100% his way and for that reason promotion is very unlikely. I can’t see them changing their ways and recruitment will be average to poor again. It’s going to be difficult to replace mcaleny and mcalmont just to stay 17th next year. As long as we stay up I take it as a major positive until we can get some new owners in who will run it the correct way
  15. got good pedigree so was really disappointed with him early season. Much better under curle’s tactics. Worth keeping for next year for def
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