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  1. Glad I’m not watching this one. Home form is absolute woeful this season. They are lucky the fans aren’t in as I think it would have created further issues for us
  2. Would keep him on next year. I know his injury record is not good this year but he’s talented and worth a shot for another year for sure
  3. he;s been terrible but he's a midfielder. i think he's been thrown under a bus by kewell being asked to play up front on own but i do think he could have worked harder at least. i think if he's played in midfield or on wing where he usually plays we might see something better from him
  4. wow, a game of two halves, much better effort in the second half although how we manage to get 3 goals i dont know. have to comment though, that carlise for a team chasing promotion were absolutely shite for 90 mins. long ball all day. only in front because of rank bad defending from us. our first half performance was terrible. no outlet, no passing, offered nothing. cbj played well, easily our best left back and should be played regularly, diarra was decent i thought although caught on it twice and kewell learnt from last week and it was def the right call to take him off. piergi
  5. Really really poor. Prob dragging us back into the mire at the bottom abs would imagine kewell is going to be under the cosh to keep his job now. unfortunately it was deserved and the section and constant lack of progress at home is worrying. No need to panic yet but pressure is starting to mount
  6. Kewell has said he will rotate constantly and the players need to be ready when called upon. There will be changes every week that’s just how he does it
  7. It’s like us to not turn up and get rolled over. 4-2 at their place wasn’t it so would imagine they will score. Again defence will be key, if we make it tough for them u have to fancy us to win as we should score. Gift a couple of goals and it will be a struggle
  8. I think he’s made a positive difference in testing times. Certainly the attacking play is the best for years and his team is entertaining to watch. for him to come in, have no real say on transfers and get used to the owners and get promotion in first year is almost impossible. Deserves a contract for next year. Question is, how close do we feel he is to the sack or not being kept on?? I think if he finishes 15th and below he’ll be gone
  9. Maybe but previous performances prob part of it. blackwood twice had the ball in the Chanels on the break and neither resulted in a shot at goal. Once he got booked for diving the second he gave it away. He may have come on but that sort of play is poor. He’s short at mo for me of min level for league 2. Barnes failed to get in game at all, offered nothing like tasmeder. Barely got on ball and considering we needed an outlet I thought he was poor. Not jombati poor but u have to do more than that
  10. yeah forgot to mention dkd. He had a good game also. When we have a mix of decent and really poor it’s frustrating kewell wants to constantly rotate. Jameson should be nailed on to start. Borthwick Jackson also is reasonable and would be better just being steady left back than Baden will ever be
  11. Solid point for us and would have taken before the game. Can’t expect too much but it is frustrating we make no real progress defensively every week. Again let 2 in and have given a pen away. Won’t win many doing that. bahamboula And jamieson deserve a mention for positives. Barnes, Blackwood were poor as was badan and jombati for me.
  12. Lacking someone to hold the ball up. Felt tranmere slowly got into game but we look ok on break. Disappointed we haven’t managed to keep a clean sheet even in a half. Will be surprised if we do second half as well. Pitch super bobbly so not easy to pass about. Barnes hopefully come on second half and we can stretch Clarke’s legs
  13. Lee grant was decent, but I though mark crossley was pretty steady for us. For short short spells Lance key had a couple of amazing games for us
  14. Can never pre empt Harry’s team selection. Never seems to form any logical or consistent process. He must be trying to counter specific threats game by game. Be a tough one tonight. But hopefully we can get something
  15. Maybe but as per previous comment the teams are poor. Top have lost 8 games already from 28. 1 in 3. It should be easier to make up 10 point gap in this league vs league 1, championship. It’s def achievable aim for us or anyone around us at mo if you can go on a bit of a run
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