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  1. Chadderton Park Inn not showing on Google maps. Nearest showing is Stockport. Inn keepers lodge in Chadderton is not taking any booking at the moment. But you can park your caravan in the car park of the Toby grill (as per their website ). Family wanted to book.
  2. Knorr have released a special edition Red and White striped Oxo cube to celebrate England's world cup campaign. It's called the Laughing Stock.
  3. +3 Myself, son and brother already renewed. Never in doubt!
  4. Saw this on youtube. Don't know if this is all of the advert though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFT8My4wifI
  5. 4. Birdsong – Sebastian Faulks Read this book after recommendation from library assistant. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  6. The Ref had in for us before the game started.He had words with Gregan before the kick-off!!!
  7. Brill was at fault for the first and second goals. For the first he moved off his line , hesitated and then did nothing as the header went in past him.The second goal was even worse!Not the first time this season .Yet,we managed 4 clean sheets out of 5.Why the inconsistency?
  8. Furman best player by far this afternoon. A forward thinking mid-fielder. Brill did not live up to his name . He cannot kick a ball and was glued to his goal-line.
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