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  1. beat me to it with Grant Holt, something just tells me he may be one to come in, no knowledge just a feeling based on what we need and what/who realistically could come in. Local, not getting a game at Wigan. Not necessarily a starter, but could come on and hold it up properly and better than Cassidy at present. Can't run but at worst he would get us up the pitch by holding it up and allow midfielders with pace to join the attack. Swing a cross over and he is a big unit to shift and get past, always liable to get on the end of something.
  2. dickov and johnson both at the game according to twitter.........don't let them in! prepared for us losing 2 players before August is finished, something tells me that us keeping this squad together is too good to be true let's see what happens
  3. And to think, we wanted to sell out top scorer 2 weeks ago....... Not a top scorer by fluke you know Touched the ball 3 times today on the commentary and once was a goal, that's all we need Even if he plays 25 games he'll get us 10 goals Players like Dunn and Croft will thrive off having him in the team. Sure there'll be games where his knees mean he isn't effective, but goals aside he is still a good technical player who is always a threat even if he doesn't score. I'd rather we keep Forte and sell, as much as he does deserve a chance, Murphy, we know what we're getting wi
  4. Guisley drew 0-0 with Barnsley tonight in their squad was Liam Dickinson and Oli Johnson ex-County Alongside them - Lockwood, Danny Hall and the Boshell brothers Danny and Nicky
  5. maybe an announcement will be on the website tomorrow?, chron get the first chat with him?? - allows for people to plan re bank holiday weekend, boost to the attendance and buzz for season tickets, formal news conference next week??? really clutching at those straws with this theory...!
  6. Having watch leeds at sheff weds last week, Redfearn plays the same as we do now, narrow and no wingers. Think he is similar to TP good with the kids and youth but not much else, just a hunch Dowie on the other hand just exudes enthusiasm, knowledge and drive These videos show you what we know we would be getting - a proper coach - i'd get my boots on myself to play for this guy, very inspiring listening to him. http://performance.fourfourtwo.com/pro-tips/iain-dowie-building-a-good-vocal-unit only this link works for some reason, other video links on different coaching areas a
  7. I agree, there's been virtually no other names banded about whatsoever aside from those in the Chron and that includes supposed 'sources' on here who are quick with 'info' Think we will all know come 12noon sunday anway
  8. picture and reports on it all look brilliant - well done to all! People buying season tickets in new stand, current renewals, possible rumour of Dowie coming back....100% would demonstrate ambition and a desire to achieve something long term for the club It's what we all want and assuming all this comes off, whatever the ins and outs and budgets etc are, it's the club saying 'right, we've done our bit now you do yours and back us' People will when they see proactivity and by the sounds of it many already are doing with new stand tickets. Fingers crossed re the manager, but all
  9. from an old article at the time http://www.oldhamathletic-mad.co.uk/news/tmnw/dowie_speaks_about_his_decision_to_leave_oldham_134425/index.shtml He would not have left if last season's play-off team had not been so cruelly ripped apart Iain Dowie has spoken about his decision to leave Athletic and admits that he would not have left if last season’s play-off team had not been so cruelly ripped apart. Dowie said, “I’m sure I would be there today if we hadn’t lost so many players – that was an exciting young side. What happened in the summer was a tragedy for the club, but I sin
  10. well this would be a suprise http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3058124/Peterborough-United-eye-Oldham-boss-Dean-Holden-end-season.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
  11. I mean in terms of technical ability, he was a great player for us and a workhorse, but never technically gifted ala Sheridan - if i'm correct he was at the end of his career when Dowie was here - even so, my point is Dowie got them all fitter than ever and he got that extra bit out of them all, making them an efficient team, money or otherwise
  12. No guarantees with any manager who takes the job, but one thing (assuming rumours are true) that you know you will get is committment and hard work. Sure, he may not have managed on our budgets previously, but he already has a half decent squad in place - maybe sell one or two, get 3-4 in and a couple others/long term loans and we will have as good a chance as any next season. The squad he had last time had a few average players like D Sheridan,etc, but he pushed them that extra 5% and got them all to believe in themselves and their ability. This current group including Winchester,
  13. True, but from memory the Chronicle article never directly quotes anyone when it mentions those supposed three names, which to me says they are either plucking them out of thin air or were given them by the club, in the knowledge that whilst they may have applied, were/aren't real contenders May well be wrong of course, only speculating Anyway, we'll soon find out, i'm tired of thinking about all the if's, but's, maybe's, lets have an answer
  14. I still maintain that all the talk of Yates/Ashworth/Holden is all a smokescreen - why 'reveal' names to the local paper when deliberations supposedly still ongoing? With the greatest respect to these three candidates, the board must appreciate that appointing any of them would lead to a likely loss in season ticket sales, whereby the average fan who has an interest but not able to attend all matches would read that and immediately conclude 'cheap option' or 'same old same old, no ambition' - SC's request in the paper recently for fans to get behind the team certainly wouldn't be aided by
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