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iPhone ringtones


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Hi all. Gonna moan for a bit!


I was one of the idiots who bought an iphone - yes go on, have your fun, laugh it up.....


Anywho.... I've been all over t he internet and still cant figure out how to set songs as ringtones.

Basically, u have to pay for them, which, although a bit annoyed, i dont mind too much. It 60odd pence a time for gods sake, hardly gonna break the bank!

Thing is, apparently i have to select make ringtone from the store dropdown menu, yet it isnt there! Alternatively, i can select the ringtone as a view option, which i can do, and then find a song with a little bell icon next to it, which i cant! Not one! And believe me ive looked at all the poppy crap too that youd expect to be ringtones too - still nothing!

I've also checked the version of itunes and its the most uptodate.

Wonder if its a UK vs US thing? Maybe only US itunes supports it?


Please help, i'm sick of the crappy ringtones that come with the phone!!!!!!


KTF all.......

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