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We should have more league 1 and 2 football on tv

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Well sky always go on about how they have even more premiership and football league. The football league action is mainly championship football. Maybe they could put some more football on bbc and itv but just show league 1 and 2 football. I would be happy with one game a week of league 1 and 2 football.

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I would like to see more lower league football on the box.


But put yourself in Sky's shoes for a minute.


If only 5,000 from the host town itself can be bothered to turn up and watch, why would another million viewers tune in to make the advertising revenue worthwhile?


Cheaper to put on Oz Aerobics. Now that does have potential to attract an audience!

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Easy , just subscribe to SETANTA , lots of lower league including Conf

Lots of Conf but no lower league... but if they draw enough viewers for Conference football to make it worth their while having as a filler then I'd have thought that ITV 7 or whatever could justify showing some at our levl.

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