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  1. Will Teasle, Sheriff of Hope, Washington State. A decorated hero in the Korean War, he returned home to carry on as a productive and respected member of society, unlike the bums returning from Vietnam expecting everyone to make a song and dance about what they had been through
  2. The concept of, "ordinary cook," has moved quite some way since Lloyd Grossman was doing the show
  3. I might try that with some home made mozzarella
  4. Latics 1 3 FGR (1 1) Rowe 3000 Winchester marauding across the pitch like Alexander the Great leading the cavalry charge at Chaeronea.
  5. This subject always pulls out some strange comments on all sides. How well would most current Premiership teams do if you took their (and only their) TV money and replaced it with Scottish levels? Celtic would immediately be one of the richest clubs if they were in England (which I don't want or expect)
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