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Shez - some players have only played 45 mins here and there

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I think that Shez'z comments are a concern... he says that some players have only played 45 mins "here and there". Well, if you get rid of the reserve league, what do you expect?


This will be a problem for the whole season. We will be bringing in players to cover for injuries when they may not have played a competative game for months. OK, the odd friendly but it is not the same.


Bring back the 70's when the stiffs played semi pro/amateur teams and those were real games.

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Quite similar to a discussion I had the other day.


Having a bigger squad is clearly what we wanted but those not involved won't be able to get anything like as much reserve action in an as in previous years. I know we struggled last year in the Central League after the move from the North West side of things but that was done as we felt it'd help the development of the younger players after they were regularly hammering those in the NW league.


Now we hear some of the younger pro players may go out on loan. Hardly as bigger squad as it seems then is it. Works some ways for us but a few against too.

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i believe the stiffs will still have plenty of games.

friendlies,the manchester cup etc etc.


I don't know how this will work out. But it wouldn't surprise me if it was done at the manager's request. If so it's another reason why this season there cannot be any excuses.


Over to you Mr Sheridan.

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I must have missed this, but why are we not playing any reserve games? Is it scrapped for the whole league, or have we decided to pull out ourselves?


Give us back the Wembley penalty spot and I'll tell you!





























Here you go.


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thats not a good record...


if i remember correctly we got moved to the central league because of morecambes promotion to the football league meant there were too many northern teams, and so we had to drop to the central to even it up.

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