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Interview With An Opposition Fan



1. There has been a lot of changes at Leicester recently, having seven managers (some as caretaker, obviously) in the last two and a half years. What do yo think of this?


Worthy of a comedy series on Channel 4


It's not good. Football clubs need stability, and chopping and changing every few months isn't going to help the cause, as new regimes have different ideas, and it takes time for them to get their ideas across, and for the players to take it all in, thankfully, Pearson seems to have steadied the ship.


Well obviously its not very nice but if you have to keep getting rid of managers to find the right one then fair enough.


It has been very unsettling and annoying, we needed stability, but we got inept manager after inept manager.


There have been some serious errors of judgement,both in appointing some of the managers, and also in the players who have been signed.


It's obviously not good - one of the main reasons we got relegated. Need to stick with Pearson whatever happens now.


It's definitely not been good for us in terms of moving forward, we've basically just not found one right man yet (until now I'd like to think). It looks like Milan's finally made a correct decision managerial-wise.


For so long we have been :censored: at almost everything. Hell, have you seen our exciting monthly benefits for season ticket holders?


Not much really! Most successful clubs have endured a period of stability and its fair to say we've gone through more than our fair share of managers since MON.


The rapid and frequent changes in personnel, both on the pitch and on the dugout, have not exactly brought success to the club, although they have been a reflection of instability as much as the cause. Too many managers have been appointed who, for various reasons, have proved to be out of their depth. The same applies to most of the players they have signed between them


Great. Keeps us in the news and stops the managers getting too comfortable. May yet get us in the Guinness Book of Records if we keep it up.


2. Having had so many managers, have you had a settled team in the last two seasons?


Nothing about LCFC has been settled since we found ourselves in administration


No, most games there were changes for one reason or another. Different managers, brought in different players, and these players needed to settle in, and get used to the new surroundings.


Our team now is probably our best in terms of morale etc they look like they're enjoying playing.


No, we've had countless changes in personnel and some players have played for six managers. I think our longest serving player has been here four years!


I can't remember the exact amount of players used in the past two seasons, but it was more than any other club. And imo, most of the players from those seasons were garbage.


Nope, had all sorts of signings, outgoings, loans it, loans out. Only this season have we started to get a team settled.


Not at all. Players have been coming and going out the doors of this club for too long now. It's nice to see a very settled squad this season, we know pretty much what we're going to get when the team's read out.


You're joking, right? This season is the first time we have some balance...last season we were like a lonely fat man on a seesaw.


Havent had a settled team for what seems like a very long time. Its so refreshing at the moment that the team pretty much picks itself.


League tables tell no lies. Our league placings are an accurate indication of how unsettled the team has been.


No, I think they're very nervous. Lose more than once and they think Pearson will turn into a pumpkin.


3. Nigel Pearson has been manager for four months now, what do you think of him and has he had enough time to mould the squad to his style of football?


He seems to be a man of integrity and stature who is able to impose himself on the club, the players and the fans without being intrusive, obnoxious or a complete arsehole like some of our recent managers


I'm impressed, at first i was very skeptical due to his previous management record, but he;s stamped his authority well, he seems to have given the players a good pre-season, got his ideas across, quickly and clearly and the players know what the manager expects from them.


Well i was a bit pessimistic at first but now i have seen what hes done to LCFC i think hes great.


I like Nigel a lot, very professional and steady. Plays football the right way and sticks to a settled side. No stupid media quotes and fuuny quips, just concentrates on what he is paid to do.


He is showing potential to be an excellent manager. He's not a media-whore like Allen or Holloway, his heads firmly screwed on and is 100% focused on the job in hand. His signings have beem first class and we have a quality defence and score goals as well. The use of decent wingers is something that's been missed painfully in recent seasons, but this year we have used them well.


I like him not, seems to know his system and sticks with pretty much the same. Also like the fact he's not a complete tool in front of the media.


He's done a brilliant job so far. I never thought we'd be joint top with a game in hand at the beginning of the season, but we've done just that. He's made some great signings (I genuinely can't name a bad one so far) and he's got the team playing his way.


Nigel Pearson has made some odd decisions but he knows :censored: more about football then me. He's canceled two matches and that has pissed me off...but he has produced some brilliant displays away from home and we're grinding out those wins. How could anyone complain?


Was unsure about the guy when first appointed but what he has achieved in such a short space of time is remarkable. Very promising manager.


He's made a very promising start, but so have other managers in recent times (Peter Taylor and Rob Kelly spring to mind). However, he has made some astute signings and revived one or two flagging careers, as Matt Oakley and Matty Fryatt will testify.


The bloke's got no idea. Keeps picking the team the fans want and what the hell do they know. No other manager recently's been daft enough to do that.


4. Milan Mandarić became the new owner in February '07, what do you think of him?


Despite his many public utterings he's still largely an unknown quantity, no one can be absolutely sure whether he is actually investing in LCFC oir just using us. Certainly his 'money' or is it loans have enabled us to assembly a decent team but as we know from the experience of the last two seasons money alone doesn't buy you success. I believe most fans prefer Manadaric to be a very silent chairman.


If he stuck to the chairman side of football, he'd be good as he will always back his manager, but as it's his club, he seems to think that it's OK for him to fear in managerial duties, and buying his own players, which isn't good.


Yeh he was a bit of a :censored: at first but no he has quietend down and left the managers job to the manager im liking him more.


Has his good and bad points. He's put his own money in and backed all of his managers in the transfer market, but some of his appointments and decisions have been odd to say the least. It looks like he's got the right man now.


I think Milan's unquestionably made some bad decisions. Martin Allen, and particularly Ian Holloway, were poor appointments. However the club was in the brown stuff financially when he took over, and he has unquestionably been prepared to back all of his managers with decent funds, so he's not all bad .


I'm not sure what to think. On one hand he almost saved the club and has supported Pearson in the transfer window. On the other hand, he hasn't given managers enough time to date.


It's not been good so far, there's no doubt about that. I think he's learning his lessons this season and keeping quiet in the background.


Milan Mandarić is best when he is invisible and silent. He is one of the main reasons we are playing you on Saturday - he will be one of the main reasons we will get promoted.


I may be naive but i genuinely believe he wants to succeed here. He's undoubtedly made some poor decisions but he's finally made a good appointment now and seems to be taking more of a backseat at last.


I'm tempted to launch into a Kinnear-style rant here, but won't. Suffice to say the owner has promised us a lot more than he's delivered to date. However he is underwriting some serious financial losses this season, and allowing Pearson to maintain one of the division's biggest squads.


No good. Doesn't speak proper Leicester. Too much of an accent. Talks too much as well. At least once this season.


5. Who is your 'one to watch' ? Who causes defenders problems or who causes attackers problems?!


Currently: Defenders Lloyd Dyer; Attackers Aleksandar Tunchev


Lloyd Dyer, he's been on fire this season and is our second top goalscorer, behind Matty Fryatt. Aleksander Tunchev is an astute buy for £800k, from CSKA Sofia, and is a top class defender, who is in Bulgaria's starting eleven. This season, rather than having a few standout players, every player on the pitch will at least do a job.


Well Tunchev an Powell at the back.And Dyer in mid Fryatt up top.


Our one to watch is Lloyd Dyer. Very quick, takes on players down the left and has a good eye for goal. Other than Lloyd it's Matty Fryatt and Alex Tunchev.


Alexander Tunchev! He's a class centre back who is very relaxed at the back (in a good way) and oozes class. No forward will enjoy coming up against our defence. And going forward, it'd have to be Lord Dyer, who's cored in each of the past four away games, ominously for you lot .


Lloyd Dyer will give your defence nightmares. Tunchev is a very good defender. I'll go for them.


Looks like they've already been mentioned really. Dyer's been a constant threat to defenders all season long, and he's scored more than his fair share of goals from midfield too.


Everyone will say Dyer - but you can't argue with the number of goals our forward line have banged in. You won't want to watch Fryatt, you won't be impressed...but he'll score again. Fact.


Gotta be the same two as most posters so far, "Lord" Dyer is a real handul and Tunch is immense at the back


Fryatt's goal tally speaks for itself, although Lloyd Dyer is the man in form at the moment. In defence, Alex Tunchev has enough quality to reach the Premier League sooner rather than later (hopefully with us!)


Nathanial Rowe-Turner. You should all travel down to Cheltenham.


6. To the game, tough one this weekend, two clubs in form, can you beat Oldham this weekend?




If we play to our best, then we should win, but I'd be happy with a point.


Yes i think so we are good away from home and have a strong following so it should be a good game pretty even but i think we will get a last minute winner :wink:


It will be tough, but we are capable, if we play to our very best, of winning it.


Unuestionably we CAN. However the beauty of football is so many different things can happen, so it's hardly in the bag already, especially as Oldham at home look very impressive.


Yes. It will be tough, but yes.


It's going to be tough, no doubt about that, but yes I think we've got what it takes to beat anybody in this division.


Yes, we can win.


If we play to our best and go all out to win the game then yes.


Is the Pope a Catholic?


No. From what I gather the Football League have changed the rules and only home teams are allowed to win. It's a directive from the government's newly established department of psychology and local welfare. Apparently it depresses production when home teams lose and it's no longer allowed.


7. Biased match prediction?




2-0 to us.


22-0 to us :wink:


4-0 to Leicester :wink:


3-0 City B)


3-0 Leicester


2-1 City




1-3 City


Oldham 0 Leicester 5


1-0 to Oldham (submitted by an Oldham fan)


8. Real match prediction :wink: ?






2-1 City


2-2 draw


1-0 City :wink:


3-2 Leicester








Oldham 2 Leicester 2 - our FIVE-game away winning streak has to end some time.. :(


One sending off, two bookings each and a knockout by Howard.





So answers in red are the sarcasm answers of the week!! The Leicester fans were very welcoming on their board and looks like they are not taking a win for granted. Top drawer fans by the sounds of it!

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