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Comparison with last season's table

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This time last season:




And what is even more interesting is that the eventual winners didn't hit 29 points until November 27th!




A whole month behind this season's progress. Looks like a lot tougher league this year, that's for sure.

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11 points better off I suppose. Positive spin etc etc.


They would have got us in to the play-offs.


Big expectations on Shez now. I said before Leicester "8 out of 12 points from the next 3 games and we'd have proved that we're genuine promotion challengers". I never even considered 1 point out of 12 being a possibility.


We have the playing staff. Do we have the manager to get what's needed out of them?

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Who knows?


What I do know is that there is nobody better than Sheridan to do this job.

at least sheridan has come out as a very angry man, and said changes will be made.

good opportunity to do that on tuesday, as we are expected to get beat anyway, then hopefull y onwards to beat a poor yeovil side.

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