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Personal Highlight For Me...

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As some of you may, or may not know, I work in two seperate Schools, one as a Teaching Assistant, and one working in their After School Care Club. When we have a Wet playtime, I do songs with them, and I have been known to teach them football songs, both Latics and other teams. (Eg. Andy Ritchie Got No Hair, Fernando Torres Liverpool's Number Nine and Do Do Do Lewis Alessandra)


Today, as I take my seat, I hear a young boy shout "Mr *******!!", so I look over and see a boy who goes to one of the School's and who doesnt attend Latics games reguarly. I waved to him and his dad, and continued talking to my mates.



Just after Lewi's second goal, the Rochdale Road End was singing The Alessandra song, so I looked over at the said young boy and, sure enough, there he is, clapping and singing along just like Mr ******* taught him!!

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Guest sheridans_world
Do these schools know you go into them and "pretend" to teach these kids???

What do you mean pretend? You should be questioning the Torres song!!



Please Sir....Sir.... Please teach us about the Famous Oldham Athletic!!!

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