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well done Curzon Ashton

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Curzon Ashton beat exeter 3-2 nice one


Yeah, me and Rocky Latic went along to this. Fantastic cup tie, bit of a scrappy game in all but Curzon were well up for it and Exeter weren't.


Look out for Curzon's 2nd goal tomorrow on the round up. Brilliant strike by the number 6 who had a fantastic game too and went off to rapturous applause. Quite a few Tic, Citeh and Man United fans at this game.

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J@cko said the other day, "why would you wanna go there." - That result is why. Nevermind Curzon's 2nd goal, which was a peach. Exeter's 2nd goal was even better.


Scrappy game but was hardly going to be silky football. Curzon looked up for it, Exeter didnt. Which is the main reason they won. That and their centre half (number 6) won absolutely everything all game and the little lad (ogoo) in centre mid who ran himself into the ground. Norton did well upfront on his own for large periods too.


Think it's the first time i've ever seen a keeper go down with cramp. Must admit, it was a superb bit of time wasting. He pulled off the save of the match directly after his magical rub from the physio.


Noticed quite a number of 'tics there (including the stewards :wink: ). Awful lot of support from City and United fans too. Luckily not the clueless one's from the woodman pub we'd watched United get beat in. :lol:


Loved the ground. No segregation - you could walk around the entire ground if you'd felt the urge. Selling Greggs pasties for double the price behind the main stand. Oh and the pitch invasion. The main one - not the hilarious premature one from the twenty little local kid's who'd been abusing the Exeter fans all game with some of the most embarrassing lack of Geography known to man.


Hopefully they get a decent tie in the 2nd round, as barring a clash with Latics. I wouldnt mind going again.

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