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Crossley's comments on current situation

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In tonight’s rarely wrong Chron Crossley says amongst other things:


“What happened in the Yeovil game was a big shock to all of us, especially after the way we played against Scunthorpe a few days earlier.


“It’s important we go out and win our next (League) game because there has been a bit of stick flying around and we don’t want to slip down the league.


“We want to start doing ourselves justice because the players at the club are a lot better than people have been seeing.


“We’ve been making individual mistakes, which I think shows the players are feeling less confident than they did before.



“Apart from beating Scunthorpe 3-0 we haven’t played particularly well for the last few weeks, but you can’t get downhearted.


“It’s the individual mistakes which have really cost us, and I hold up my hands on that one because there have been a few goals I wasn’t happy with.


“I’m always honest and I could have done better for one or two, but you should always try to turn negatives into positives.”



“The FA Cup can breed confidence – just look at last season when we had a decent run and a fantastic result at Everton.


“If you build momentum in the cup it can push you further up the league, so hopefully we’ll beat Cheltenham and kick on from there.


“The fans can also play their part, which was shown in the Scunthorpe game when we had a big atmosphere and the players really responded.


“When things aren’t going too well – like in the next game when it was quiet against Yeovil – it’s a time for everybody to get behind us and act as one.”



I think we’ve already accepted his final comment. I also think it must be purely coincidental that I wasn’t at the Yeovil game. B)

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