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Shamrock Rovers

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For those who remember Shamrock Rovers from the Isle of Man in 1997, you might be interested in how the Club is progressing.


I’ve posted previously about how Rovers were a Club that had been more than EUR3 million in debt, losing over EUR10,000 a week, in Examinership (Administration) and heading for relegation in 2005. Then the club earned its place back in the Premier Division, while also finishing the season within its budget, with a five-figure surplus. And all within 20 months of the Club's takeover by the fans, which is an amazing achievement, especially as the Club had been sharing a ground as tenant of other clubs and gets very poor crowds.


Thanks to the dedication of its supporters the Club is now facing a bright future. After being homeless for 21 years, the Club’s new community stadium in Tallaght is to be finished and opened for the start of next season in March.,


I feel such a pride in what the Hooperati have achieved that I shall be happy to miss a Latics match to go over with Mrs. S. and oafc_ok to Dublin for the stadium opening celebrations.



The legendary Big Dec is pictured to the left of the team picture in the centre.

The picture in the top right corner is of a new flag bearing a picture of the original flag back in 1987 expressing disapproval at having to move to Tolka Park

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glad to hear that, last I heard some local GAA crowd were trying to put a spanner in the works - can't have those British Imperialists disguised as Shamrock Rovers taking public funds.


In December 2007 the High Court ruled in favour of South Dublin County Council and against Thomas Davis GAA club in the Judical Review of the Tallaght community stadium. Construction work had commenced in October 2000 on the proposed stadium site but was ceased in November 2001 due to the GAA club sticking its powerful oar in. The High Court decision means that, at long last, SRFC can look forward to moving into the stadium in time for the start of the 2009 season.


Not many groups of supporters would have stuck with a club through all that thin, so I raise my glass of Guinness to them all. :drinking45: When I was over in May they wouldn't let me buy a drink! :grin:


P.S. They follow the progress of Latics very closely and it was one of them who composed the Gregan song.

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My job meant that I spent the best part of a year living in Ireland a few years back. I found myself living in Tallaght and soon noticed that a 10 minute walk from my house was what looked like a partially built stadium that nobody seemed to be working on. I enquired about this and learned that it was intended for Shamrock Rovers and I was brought up to speed with the difficulties in getting it finished. Needing my football fix whilst away from home I had already decided to adopt a team in the Irish League, so the discovery that Shamrock Rovers should have been my local team made my mind up as to which one I would follow.


Unfortunately their temporary home, Tolka Park, is on the opposite side of town but none the less I made the effort to go and watch them quite frequently at home. With a number of other Dublin based clubs in the division it was also quite easy to get to some away games. In addition, I have a number of Irish friends scattered around various parts of the country who I had met prior to living there during the couple of years I'd spent seeing a bit of the world so I would often get away from Dublin at the weekends and go and visit one of those said friends, something I was often able to combine with a Rovers away game.


Although nothing to rival my passion for Latics, I naturally developed an affection for 'The Hoops' and continue to look out for their fortunes, so like Diego, I am delighted to hear that a happy ending to the stadium fiasco is within sight.


As my friends in Ireland keep reminding me it has been a long time since I last paid a visit so I will have to see what I can do about that. Unlike Diego I don't think I would want to forego a Latics match in order to see Rovers, which allied to difficulties getting time off work and affording it at that time of year, means that I am unlikely to be there for the opening of the new stadium. I am however hoping to visit my friends in Ireland during the summer, at which time the Irish season is in full flow, so I'll see if I can't catch a game while I'm there.

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Although nothing to rival my passion for Latics, I naturally developed an affection for 'The Hoops' and continue to look out for their fortunes.......


...I am unlikely to be there for the opening of the new stadium.


Good on you Mark! Tolka Park is just one of the grounds they've shared in the last 21 years, including Dalymount Park, the home of their deadly rivals Bohemians. They've also been evicted from TP, due to misbehaviour by their fans, and later reinstated. Which pub did you go in near TP, Kennedy's or the Cat & Cage?


Tickets for the opening will be as scarce as a Roy Keane smile, but I have been assured that B.A.L.L.S. should not worry about getting them.


Keep on Hooping.

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I love a 'David & Goliath' situation, especially when the minnow tweaks the nose of the big guy.


The Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary was on the news recently comparing Aer Lingus to Shamrock Rovers in that "They were both big in the 50s both are green. But they are going no were and have no home."


This prompted the Rovers' Board to reply with this letter.


An Open Letter to Michael O'Leary



Dear Michael


We sincerely hope you are more up to date on matters at Aer Lingus in particular and the airline industry in general than you are about Shamrock Rovers.


You've probably been so busy working all these years that you hadn't noticed the six championships, four FAI Cups and three doubles we've won since the 1980s.


Still Ireland's most successful football club, the Hoops are no longer homeless as we'll be playing in the spanking new Tallaght Stadium from next season. You can't miss the place – it's across from the Square, right in the centre of Tallaght, and just off the M50.


And we're offering great deals on seats. Season tickets for our home games for the entire 2009 campaign start at just €200. Return Ryanair flights to Manchester United's next home game would cost a lot more!


Anyway, thanks for the thought. You may not always be right, but we'll always be Shamrock Rovers - Ireland's greatest football club and now residents of Tallaght.


Yours sincerely


The Board of Shamrock Rovers FC



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