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15 years to make, quite a bit of cash spent on it:


Chinese Democracy :headbang:

Anyone listened to it?




Gonna give it a listen later. Ive heard the demos a while back of some of them so will be interesting to see if any have changed. Money must be short if Axl needs to release it :wink: . The amount of money spent in the recording process they'd be happy to break even! :lol:

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Just give it a listen. Yeah alot of the tracks are similar to the demos that have been released over the years but it's good to give it a listen in better quality. Personally think its a good album, but to talk about it being overhyped is an understatement. Think Axl Rose has put some excellent vocals down on it and his voice realli does make the difference on the record. Musically, you can tell it's no slash and duff but to be honest it's not what we were expecting from it. Not the best album of the year, but a good effort!

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Quite liked parts of it, mainly the stuff i'd already had demo's of e.g. Better, Madagascar.

Anyway, next up is Velvet's new singer and Slash's solo album so wooo!


Ye same. All the better for hearing it in better quality though haha. I liked IRS along with those too.

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