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Preston North End - Tuesday 25th October

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Boundary Blues and Chaddy's Gang are running a trip to Preston North End on Tuesday 25th October.


The cost of return coach travel and match entry is £13 for members of Boundary Blues and Chaddy's Gang and £22 for non-members travelling with a member (so parents etc).


Although this is a midweek game, it is during half term and that is why we have decided to run the trip.


Tickets can be book in the club shop from today.


We will choose a member off the coach list to be the match mascot. If you have any questions, please email me on boundary.blues@gmail.com or send me a pm on here.

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hiya Lisa

i plan to add Ryan Hughes, Dean Andy Ritchie Jackson and Chaddy Brown to the list(all BB members) and 4 adults...i am gonna get the tickets on Tuesday or would i be better gettin em monday?



Sorry Jacko I've only just seen this, I've called and asked them to save 7 places for you.

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Lisa, I presume the tickets are collected from yourself on the coach and the price includes these?


Yes, we already have the tickets and they will be handed out on the coach (so nobody loses theirs before!!). Tansy will be on the coach for this one as I can't make it.

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