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Crawley's manager

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If he's this sour after a draw i hate to think how gracious he is in defeat:


We're disappointed. That would finish football, having to play against that every week....Their only shot is the goal. They didn't try to play.


I'll tell you what could finish football: cowboy managers who :censored: over a club by, say, not paying tax on the players wages (as he did at Boston Utd, and was given a suspended jail sentence for). Clubs who distort the competition by signing players that clubs 2 divisions above them couldn't afford, and refuse to say where the money's coming from. Accrington Stanley represent a lot of what people love about football: tiny club, struggling against the odds to survive. Crawley embody everything that's wrong with modern football.

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Agree with you. The man is a disgrace to football.

Did any of you see the Football league show last week (may have been 2 weeks ago thinking about it) - when Clem visited the 'real' Wimbledon for the visit of Crawley.

That horrible fat d1&k was at it again - refusing to speak to Clem pre-game……and at the full-time whistle; stormed past him with a curt arrogant response.


I thought he was a right pr1&k when they drew Man U in one of the cups, the way he handled the media that surrounded the game was awful - arrogant, ego-filled vile drivel non-stop.

He's not improved; if anything he continues to get worse. I hope it all imploded on them, and he disappears as quckly as he's arrived. Horrible liitle man he is.

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