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laptop keeps turning off


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please can anyone help,my laptop keeps turning off just goes without warning like the power has gone,i tried googling and people say it is due to overheating because of dust etc but i'm not sure.

when i turn it on sometimes its not even 30 seconds and it goes off again,so wouldn't have thought it was too hot,usually after a few tries it comes on and stays on all night till i shut it down does anyone have any idea what it could be

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Worth googling the model details and switching off.


It's a problem I used to get with Compaq laptops. Two solutions that worked:


1) Unscrew the cover, dust off the fan (which had collected excessive dust) and away it went for a few more weeks.


2) I found instructions for one model to update the BIOS which changed the fan speed. A bit beyond my techie understanding - I just followed the instructions and it worked.


Not had an overheating problem with my De1l. They just have :censored: power supply leads instead!

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