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So, how many could we have sold?

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Daft and pointless question, but I'm stuck in on NYE, so not got anything better to do than think of things like this.


I know loads of people who haven't got tickets. Some good fans, who admittedly don't go much in last few seasons but will always be at your Hudds, Dale, Leeds, Stockports.



Seems a lot thought we would take a good following but not sell them out within hours of the start of open sale.


Personally, I sensed the hype for this game was much bigger than Everton - never heard of as many coaches, minibuses etc being organised before as I have for this game - but I thought sales would follow the pattern of previous big games ie crazy start, slow down, then late flurry once hangers on and day-trippers realise a big following was on cards.


From the amount of fans I know who havent got tickets, I think we could have shifted 8k easy. Which sounds crazy given home gates are so low.

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