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booing yesterday?

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the gaffer highlighted that the crowd boo'd morais when he came on.....and how well he did despite this....is this the case or were the fans booing because scapuzzi was taken off.....tbh there were a fare few voicing there concerns for which ever decision it was..........I was dissapointed to see Scapuzzi going off instead of Tayls or Parker......but the gaffer explained he was feeling his hamstring at H/T and was taken off precautionary....you dont always see things as black n white when yer sat in the stands......IN DICKOV WE TRUST

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People boo'd because he took off our best player/biggest goal threat. Nothing to do with morais. Also the fact he didn't take taylor off. Too busy adjusting his shorts abusing the ref in a fake manc accent that lad


also one bloke was heard to clearly shout "oh no not him" when morais was called over to get ready


morais heard him and Dickov heard him, when he scored morais ran over holding the shirt a looking up at the area the bloke was sat (or where he thought he sat) and Dickov turned round and called him a :censored:in prick!

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