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  1. Wearing a Chesterfield kit? the team he's been linked to most..
  2. That was my take on it. I don't know who he is though
  3. 850K Milligan to Norwich plus £1 million from Everton
  4. Imagine how much Ian Marshall would go for now? Equally at home as a striker who would get double figures bur also can play centre half without skipping a beat.
  5. Why are we threatening to sue Peterborough? all seems very legit. If AL is in the right I guess we will here about it shortly right?
  6. Maybe but why would he he be talking to targets if he isn't going to be here? The delay and silence is for a reason.
  7. why would any player or manager sign up for a owner who's current position is currently in a state of limbo at best due to not be able to pay what he owes?
  8. I don't really follow any other results these days but when we sold Andy Goram in 87 I followed the results of Hibs for some reason and continued to do so for years after he'd joined Rangers.
  9. Expectations? Same old shit different season! Blind optimism after this season ends followed by realisation that we are skint and only bringing in foreign trialists while rumours of unpaid wages surface at the end of every month. We'll finish slightly lower than this season and will have 3 more managers including Wild as Caretaker again with a 1st rd cup exit. CANT WAIT!!!
  10. Sad news as apparently former Latics defender Peter Skipper has died at just age 61.
  11. 3 wins, 2 against sides above us in the league fighting for the same spot It isn't happening and will be over after Exeter.
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