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Battlefield 3


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Anyone play? Probably the best online shooter I've played. Not perfect, but the pros far outweigh the cons. The mere fact you can fly fighter jets means it sits at the top of the current FPS tree.


Hit me up if you wanna ride in my chopper (ie. crash and burn within seconds).

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What do you play on? I played it online a bit when i originally bought it. I was in two minds about it really, thought it was cool that you could get in vehicles and stuff and that but there was too many times when i felt too far away from the combat and others for me to get really into it.


It's wierd though because i bought MW3 and after playing that for a while I couldn't be arsed getting into that either so it might just be me as i normally enjoy online shooters.

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I haven't played MW3 for ages; I simply can't play it unless I'm playing private matches with mates. It's full of complete tools.


BF3 doesn't really lend itself to immediate thrills and constant action; there's a lot of emphasis on teamwork (ALWAYS put yourself in a squad - just for mobile spawn points if nothing else) and objective-centric gameplay. I've gone entire 15 minute rounds without kills/deaths just spotting people and capturing flags.

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Ah nuts, im a PS3 guy myself, i barely use my Xbox now unless an exclusive for it comes out like Gears or Fable.


I don't actually mind MW3 but then again i don't interact really with anyone. I'd rather do my own thing which is probably missing the point of playing online. In fact it's probably why i didn't enjoy B3 as much as it does seem more sqaud based and communication is obviously vital on the massive maps.


Just eagerly awaiting Mass Effect 3 now and I'll kiss my socail life goodbye for a couple of weekends!

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