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  1. Now we just need to get them to grasp the concept of defending...
  2. I say this seasons badge with just the 125 changed to 1895. Job done.
  3. I think i may have missed it buy how long's McAleny injured for? Or is he "injured"?
  4. 1st - B, 2nd - A I dont think these are final designs so hopefully the away offerings can be altered.
  5. I'd just call the bluff of the big 6 and tell them they can go. The novelty will soon wear off and a heriachy develop (if there isn't an inherent one prior to its formation) among the elite of this so called Super League who would soon look to take bigger tv shares etc. Cant imagine fans of Arsenal/Spurs/Chelsea, clubs i could see not being in the 'elite' if they are bottom of the league week in week out being too thrilled by the prospect. Like a previous poster has said, and something Ive always thought, someone has got to come last.
  6. Coming from the same bloke who consindered going up a negative im not entirely surprised.
  7. Help me, did i say Saturday was shite? Im talking about recruitment which, in the main, has been 'shite'. Oh yeah, sorry, lets forget the last 2 years of dross hes brought in, we won 5-0, alls rosy in the garden. Certain immature Latics fans are easily pleased by one off, big results, too it seems.
  8. Can just imagine it. Bassini takes over and Abdallah goes back, officially, to his old agents job/business. I wonder who Bassini would use to help bring players in then. Still be stuck with Abdallahs shite. I pray to god its not true/doesnt work out!
  9. Bpimey, things went more off the rail than i remember when he jumped ship to Barnsley, i think it was only round late Feb one year we were 5th or 6th.
  10. My thoughts too. I can happily miss games through work/social commitments but this is different. Im just sat at home doing nothing now. The sooner AL is gone the better!
  11. My impression from what i've read is that they have the funds to purchase on their own however they would look to open it up to the wider fanbase nearer to purchase to buy shares in the stand and effectively, for those who buy shares, we all become AL's landlord! Might be wide of the mark of course.
  12. A morbid bunch arent we? I give him till March just to be different.
  13. Middle badge for me too, anything thats not the current one. Not arsed which is home kit.
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