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You should consider something like ive done if you would like to raise more money for the cause. im taking part in a half marathon in oct and am running a sweepstake on my time. ive copied and pasted the instructions below. it could be workable for you as well


the benefit of this is people actually feel like they are getting something back and it isnt just another cause.





Right, Those of you who know me well will also know I do quite a bit for charity. I'm quite aware of how often I ask people to donate to my events, and so for my latest challenge I'm doing something a little different.


On 21st October I will be running The Oldham Half marathon. I'm going to hold a sweepstake on my finishing time, at £3 per guess. £1.50 will go to the charity, and £1.50 to the winning prize pot. obviously the more entrants I get, the greater the prize for the winner.


I have never run this distance before so my finish time is anyone's guess. Although I am training hard and putting everything into it.




Entrants can have as many guesses as they wish, and upon payment i will update the guess list. no times will be reserved until payment is received.


As an added bonus, I will not be designating any particular charity, All the proceeds will go to the sweepstake winners charity of choice (nominated charities must be official, and have a registered charity number). Happy bidding.


To place a bid, simply make the payment of £3 per guess to me personally, along with your guess time. will reserve that time for you.


Note: allocated time slots are in 1 minute increments. If you place a bid of 1hr 53, i will need to finish between 1hr53 and 1hr 53, 59 seconds. The prize will be given off my official chip time.

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