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2011-2012 League Tables - After 40 games


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After the last league table was posted, DavidCollinge found his lead was cut down to 7 points, so he posted this: My lead is reducing each update!

Each place i finish below top i will donate £10 to the playershare scheme.....


Anyone else with any prediction donations?


Well, his lead has vastly increased again, but does anyone want to follow up his idea? Only 6 games left now, which I will post after each one. I hope to do one per week.


Sheff Utd (a): The Latics 3-2 win surprised most folk, but RobOAFC was closest by predicting 3-1. The only others who predicted a win were opinions4u, mikebOAFC and Yard Dog. The own goal defeated everyone as did the 17,267 attendance.

Scunthorpe (h): Only rudemedic correctly predicted the 2-1 defeat. MaskedOwl, laticdickovarmy and RobOAFC all had Morais as first Latics scorer. Closest to the 4,376 attendance were Laticsbiffo (4,356), 24hoursfromtulsehill (4,421), pjkent (4,427), pk200 (4,321) plus three others.

Yeovil (h): Just DavidCollinge predicted a defeat and also got the 2-1 scoreline correct. No one went for Diamond as scorer, but six were within 100 of the 4,689 attendance. They best were pk200 with 4,678 (11 out), oafcmad09 4,657 (missed by 32), Stevie_J 4,655 (34 away). Somewhat spookily, stevesidg (4,789) and rudemedic (4,589) were exactly 100 away.

There was a somewhat bizarre prediction from RobOAFC of a 5-4 Latics win. No points for originality.

Stevenage (a): oafcprozac was the only one to correctly predict the 1-0 defeat. steveoafc and DavidCollinge went for 2-0. There were no attendance points scored as no one was within 100 of the 2,453 turn out.

Rochdale (a): No correct predictions for the 3-2 defeat, but GravityGrave and Stevie_J went for 0-1, whilst oafclatics and Laticsbiffo went for 1-2. Nearest to the 4,671 attendance, in no particular order were pk200 (4,621), GravityGrave (4,625), steveoafc (4,689), LaticsPete (4,699) and Ex_pat (4,750).

No points for this, but I loved mikebOAFC’s prediction of a 6-1 Latics win with Harry Bunn scoring all six!

Hartlepool (a): Only opinions4u correctly predicted the 1-0 win and only pjkent had M’voto as first Latics scorer. 24hoursfromtulsehill went for 2-0 whilst others plumped for 2-1. Nearest to the 4,109 attendance were stevesidg and DavidCollinge, who were both 14 away with the same prediction of 4,123. That’s worrying. 4 others scored attendance points.

Bournemouth (h): No one correctly predicted the 1-0 win, but Yard Dog, boboafc, opinions4u and 24hoursfromtulsehill all went for 2-0. John Platt and LaticsPete were the only ones to have Taylor as first scorer. DavidCollinge was close on the attendance again, missing the 4,459 by 15 with 4,444. oafc-latics was 41 away with 4,500 and the next nearest were boboafc (4,532) and 24hoursfromtulsehill (4,539) plus three others.

Leyton Orient (h): Only rudemedic thought we would lose (which we did, 1-0), but he went for 2-1, but picked up three more points for his attendance prediction of 4,184 (missed by 39). Therefore, points were picked up for predicting Orient’s goal, but most went for attendance (actual 4,145). DavidCollinge was closest (again!) with 4,123 and warwickshire latics was next best with 4,119. LaticsPete was exactly 100 away with 4,245.

Notts County (a): No one had the 1-0 defeat, but Hometownclub (0-2), oafcprozac (0-3), GravityGrave (1-2) and pk200 (1-2) were closest. Nine predictors scored 3 points each for being within 100 of the 6,326 attendance - Bristolatic (6,293), David Collinge (6,246), Yard Dog (6,250), steveoafc (6,396), rosa (6,423), GravityGrave (6,242), pjkent (6,421), mikebOAFC (6,397) and rudemedic (6,414).

Brentford (a): Hometownclub and DavidCollinge both had the 2-0 defeat correct. oafcprozac went for 3-0 whilst steveoafc, GravityGrave and opinions4u predicted a 2-1 defeat. Nearest the attendance of 4,573 was boboafc, whose 4,569 was just 4 away. Only two others picked up attendance points, Hometownclub (4,479) and pjkent (4,652). Scratch2000uk came in for the first time.



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