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2011-2012 League Tables - After 44 games


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Highlights: As rudemedic :detectivegm0: spotted me depriving him of 3 attendance points in the last game :deal: , there were slight changes to the League table. He moved up to 12th whilst pk200 dropped to 13th, 24hoursfromtulsehill to 14th and boboafc to 15th. Everyone else stayed where they were. So, on to this one.


Stevie_J, warwickshire latics, David Collinge (who else?) and GravityGrave all had the 1-1 result correct :applause1:. maddog, steveoafc, pk200, LaticsPete, Bristolatic, oafcforever and rudemedic correctly predicted Simpson as first scorer :imnotworthy: . Those within 100 of the 4,824 attendance were mikeboafc with 4,862 (38 out :OASISscarf: ), steveoafc went for 4,769 and missed by 55, Ex_pat was 66 over with 4,890 and pk200 had 4,921 (97away) .


Just two games left now, but I doubt I’ll get them done this side of Chrimbo. The Bristolatic household has couple of knees-ups coming up, but I’ll try to get one more in before New Year. Then you can all try to work out who the likely winner will be. :mmm: Yeah, right.



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