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Updated old Latics Shirt?


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I have read the recent topics about the old style (pre-1960's) shirt. Now, I have looked at the money making ventures on this site, and want to support the board owners for their expense, time and efforts.


Recently I approached the club and asked them to consider creating an up to date true Latics shirt. My suggestion was to find a good photo of the 1950's style, and then updating it into a modern look and then finding a local Asian to make up or source a good cheap shirt using modern quality materials. None of the £40 malarky. Not a replica, but a true modern copy. Forget Tangerine.. yakkk, a relic of the Bates era.


The club listened but I guess that's all they did.


Does anyone else here think that a modern 'old fashioned shirt' would sell? I miss the fact that we got rid of our traditional colours when the likes of Blackburn and Bristol Rovers have kept theirs. I like the new shirt but it is the same as almost every other Blue club.

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I would love to get a modern version of the classic blue and white shirt.


This may seem very complicated connecting what I've said with the pictures on the link, but I've highlighted the main features of the classic design.


On the link you'll recall the nearest attempt was the 2000-01 shirt, but it had all white sleeves. It should have had part-blue sleeves as in the 1962-63 version, as distinct from the all-blue of 1956-57. The blue down the outer part of the sleeves is the classic design used in most versions of that shirt - just the odd version has the blue on the inner part of the sleeve. The central blue front panel needs to continue down the back of the shirt as well but the back of the sleeves should be all-white.



The Club has previously produced a training top based on the 1960-61 shirt, where the central panel was white, but the back of the training top was all-white - I wore one of these at Macclesfield last Saturday. It was a mirror image of the classic shirt, except for it having a blue and red pencil stripe v-neck which also continued round the back of the neck and it also had a red pencil stripe separating the blue from the white on the front. It's a good design but would have looked better if the blue panels had continued down the back. Of course it woud have looked even better if the blue and white panels had been reversed.


Apparently times were so hard during the First World War that the team had some shirts on which the central panel was blue and some were white. :huh:



I think it's a great idea Alec to get some done independent of the Club if it's not interested. The bonus would be not having the sponsor's name on it, which shortens the life of any shirt. Good luck with your idea.

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