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  1. I take it there will not be anymore official transport only taking one coach...
  2. Looks like they are in a bad way all that over spending had to bite them in the end ....
  3. Supporters coach had broke down now going again.Not great.
  4. Is there going to be a pitch inspection or has it not rained much over night?
  5. Bunch of thugs we just played. Hamer I too thought he had broke his neck awful to see hope he is ok
  6. Hope he is not cup tied we maybe needing him next week
  7. So what two got left behind at the services lol
  8. Surridge gave shirt and boots away at the end never a good sign
  9. Yes he miss a few Pope kick Edmondson when they had free kick for there goal then pushed him into the net when it went in ...
  10. Pope kicked George before the free kick should have been red card
  11. That was such bad keeping for the second awful
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