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  1. Just been on to look at purchasing a season ticket and it appears we are only selling them in two stands, massive own goal the club continuing its petty squabbles with regards to use of this stand, needless to say none were purchased which would of been for four in total, are we any nearer to resolving these issues or can we continue to lose the money these seats would of generated? *Looks like they are not yet available, let's hope for some positive news when they are released for sale.*
  2. We've got enough to stay up and that's the aim so I wasnt really expecting any signings. There is no plan we have a poor recruitment and management structure and the most frustrating thing is that this league is God awful and when you look at those having a go this season it is depressing, you only have to hope that any powder that may be left is going to be used to have a good go next season.
  3. I'd probably still do a job in centre mid but I'm not travelling down to Bournemouth, I've got work Friday night.
  4. Just for the record I've made one post on this thread applauding the result and the performance so stop talking soft, I'm happy to admit the team is playing well but it still doesn't correct all the wrongs the clowns have been responsible for over the years, I dont want to say it will end in tears as I really hope lessons have been learnt and we've turned a corner but it still wouldn't surprise me if another shit storm was to brew up, some people are resentful for obvious reasons I'm not really in that camp as there are more important things for me to worry about but lets hope we are finally o
  5. Really enjoyed that today, watched us twice this season and won both, some great link up play and the balance of the team seems right, still need a couple of centre halfs for me but that was promising for Kewell going forward.
  6. And people are still prepared to debate the merits of managers on here and reckon all our problems will go away if Kewell ends up being the next fall guy Kewell will go as a last resort and probably at a time when it will deflect some attention away from the gimps running the show, literally wouldn't matter if you had Sean Dyche managing us these owners would only take us one way, do our fans really think Kewell is anything but a puppet, Mo will be picking the team or having a huge influence in it, Kewell is just a front for the absolute circus our club has become.
  7. Said Natalie to Shitpeas shortly before getting fired.....
  8. I've given up judging managers months ago, for me the sooner we give it to Mo the better, 100% this man is the problem at the club ably assisted by none other than shitpeas himself, infact give shitpeas the assistants role and then the pair of clowns can be laughed out of town and we can get on with trying to rebuild the football clubs reputation.
  9. Correct, that's why we've predominantly got a team full of raffle winners who wouldn't stand a chance of earning a contract at 99% of league clubs, hence why we look like relegation fodder.
  10. Which illustrates perfectly how far we've fallen.
  11. Bring in non league players - end up in non league. Bring in a manager who has spent 90% of his managerial career in the relegation zone - end up getting relegated. Bring in amateurs to run the club - end up with an amateur club. Simple really. Anything else for the recipe?
  12. Morecambe top and we are bottom, what a club we are.
  13. Chuck a little - defeats to Orient and Morecambe into the mix who've rolled us over without so much as a whimper into the mix and it's not difficult to see where this momentous 125 year anniversary season is going to take us, dont worry though Lags and Co will all be there handing over their hard earned and funding the fuckwits - clapping us into non league oblivion.
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