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  1. I know his grandad through Lewis' younger brother Jac who plays as well.
  2. Yep I know his grandad well who lives in Failsworth and the family are from the Oldham area, he will probably end up out on loan and I'd delighted if we could get him in but suspect they have loftier plans for him.
  3. That has been going on for years BP, games every day of the week being played behind closed doors from the top tier down through to the bottom tiers.
  4. Hart surely has to play as wing back, be wasted at centre half.
  5. Looking at the trialists it could look like a line up for Dads Army out for us tonight.
  6. Some barrels getting scraped this off season for sure.
  7. Same could be said for actually paying to follow the least successful team in English professional football.
  8. Why the fuck would Mo have any input in which trialists we bring in, I thought it was an established fact that he is a useless cunt that even his own brother had managed to work out..... ah well same old shite again and another season of disappointment...
  9. That's not a very nice welcome back now is it
  10. That's a bit rich he very nearly took them there and he inherited quite a decent squad to boot.
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