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  1. Keepers just not good enough, talking schoolboy basics, got beat from 25 yards from a ball that was little more than a back pass, Clarke was poor turning over possession too.
  2. You think 600 for Barrow or Harrogate will go on general sale?
  3. Piergianni and Fage have done little wrong in recent weeks and are adequate for a top half League 2 team, keeper and a decent centre back would help immensely, cant see this Walker lad being re-signed for next season, what's Connor Ripley up to these days?
  4. I think they are 200 for an adult who isn't renewing from last season which is very reasonable, I personally feel they will shift upto 3000 at that price and several aways next season. Barrow 650 Harrogate 700 Salford 1100 Will all be off limits without a season ticket.
  5. With regards to season tickets I'm tempted to get one if only to guarantee tickets for Harrogate, Barrow and Salford all of which will be popular particularly if we have a decent season which I think we are due, could even end up with a Stockport, Halifax or a Wrexham in there, Dale, Bolton, Morecambe, Wigan and Tranmere could potentially make for some good away days next season depending on where they finish.
  6. Do you post anything that isn't a dig at KE? Are you one of the Owen/Partington/'Burk'ett crew by any chance who not so long ago would defend the club at all costs even when the blatantly obvious was staring you in the face. Not got your own way so have a complete change of tack, behave in a way you've ridiculed others for in the past.
  7. Don't get to see us play that much these days but that was bloody dreadful and a million miles away from the football the players tried to play under Kewell, I don't have a problem with him trying to sort out our defensive woes but if that means 0-0 snore tests and 1-0 defeats are now the norm you would seriously have to question why a change of manager was made. As an aside how Garrity keeps Hillsner out of that side is beyond me, is Garrity the latest raffle winner because he is no footballer.
  8. Odd on wages not getting paid this month and us getting battered 6-0 at weekend after the players down tools?
  9. The club that just keeps giving...
  10. Rat escaping the sinking ship springs to mind.
  11. It's been a while but more than ever De de de de fucking shambles.....
  12. What's happened then? Losing its touch this site, it normally leads the way with club news. Other than a couple of pissed off sponsors I cant see too much else on the subject.
  13. Is it jelly and ice cream time? Reading bits that he has gone can anything be substantiated?
  14. Think Fage and Pierregianni are actually okay for this league in my opinion, Adams is an asset.
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