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  1. Back on topic, and the game, Blackwoods goal usurped by Rowe, but it was a quality strike on it's own.
  2. Why? Edit: I don't mean anyone should automatically hate him, bu I'm struggling to see his endearing qualities so far.
  3. I guess the bottom line is after the two respective statements/updates would we rather be in Wrexham's shoes, or ours?
  4. We need a plan for all the extra funds raised above the costs to fix them....
  5. It is in that we could be in a relegation place on Saturday.
  6. REynolds sold his gin company to Diageo for£610m HE won't have to pump 200m of his own in, but he's savvy enough to get togther s ignificant sum. Peter Moores, exLiverpool rmoured to be involved. now. They'll know where to attract money.
  7. £2m is not going to be enough to do much, but I'd rather their investment than our less transparent one. But Reynolds has from selling his gin company to Diaigeo so I doubt that s the limit. It woud be sensible to keep his cards close to his chest.
  8. I looked at this to see if the Segbe accusation was very harsh.
  9. I don't agree with calling for managers to go early, and I'm not now, but can you see Kewell/Lemmys1&2 trying anything different than the first 12 games?
  10. For people without twitter here is the treat from a Bury fan that has led to Karl coing of twitter and threatening to resign as CEO. https://twitter.com/KarlEvans1999/status/1327727978764242945?s=20
  11. That's not disimilar to the league table in reverse. I doubt it's a coincidence.
  12. He's on twitter. Again. Embarrassing. Again. Out of his depth. Again.
  13. My local side Tonbridge Angels lost to Bradford on Saturday and play tonight at Chelmsford, also 48 hrs. Not as far to travel as us mind, so by the time we got back last night it's not far off.
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