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  1. No, current Foundation/Trust. Replacing Darren as the new Foundation/Trust Rep on the club Board. Chaddy Exile intimated he'd gone the way of Barry, Simon B to work for the club, or too close Like Darren.
  2. Yes. He is, been acting whilst it all got sorted, passing owners and Directors test etc. http://www.trustoldham.org/directors/
  3. Not a cheap shot, more said ironically. Apathy is rife, the majority have given up. Nonetheless, I don't think we have to be devoted to PTB to recognise where they are excellent and they might not be right. I know they can take feedback on the chin. For example, it's fair enough saying Covid restricts things and illness caused delay, but you can't dig at the Trust for not doing anything in the same timeframe whilst also having illnesses, since seeing off the attempted coup. And it is not right that there are only a dozen fans (between PTB , Foundation and your work to get Away Days
  4. If fans won't protest by now, then they never will. Even the protest group no longer is a protest group.
  5. He only really needs Oui & Non. Possibly merde too!
  6. Reliable sources confirm half a dozen more Trialists have rocked up. Now at least we have a Head Coach in situ when they arrived. The 2 x million dollar questions are did Curle know they were coming, and will he have a final say? Assuming he stays.
  7. Sending my condolences to you and you family. I always looked forward to his posts. I never knew him, but found him a true gent whenever he posted.
  8. Curle said something about repeating the same mistakes....!
  9. You have to worry how many of those will be on the teamsheet for the first match of next season. And putting notoriously flaky Dearnley straight it, when he's played 2 full 90 minute games since Halloween last year is "brave", maybe it will be pre season friendly -esque and next seasons players get a half each. Starting XI: Walker (GK) L, Clarke L, Jameson, Piergianni (C), Borthwick-Jackson, Adams, Whelan, Garrity L, McAleny ?, Dearnley, Barnes ?. Bench: Bilboe (GK) ?, Fage, Badan, McCalmont L, Vaughan, Keillor-Dunn, Bahamboula.
  10. Keep an eye out for Kiearn Corner, scholar Who had a trial game with Huddersfield last week, and Watford this week. Think it's his 2nd trial. PLays for my local side Tonbridge Angels.
  11. Even if they get the last half hour, they benefit from the training and involvment too, it starts the process to blood them of course, they become more familiar less phased. It would be daft not to IMHO.
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