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  1. Pretty much agree with that, though some (not you) forget it's 2 spaces, I just didn't want it splashed that I or lots believed we were going to get relegated. Like you say, we've still got work to do and can't afford the players to be at the beach already.
  2. I'm not suggesting it's likely, just all too easy to believe we're nice and comfortably mid table when we've snatched relegation from the jaws of safety a mere few years ago. It would not take much for this side to go on an horrendous run, even though its likely to continue to be on the poor side of inconsistent as its been all season.
  3. We're too good to go down.* *Absolute bollocks, as we know from bitter experience. All it takes is some interference again.
  4. Ex defender Brian Wilson, latterly of Matlock Town, appointed manager of Alsager Town.
  5. Just seen the Times headline about holidays overseas. So clearly the tactic is make the news seem bad, then announce 'good' news. Same old same old.
  6. The problem with Boris is that he has a track record of saying one thing and doing a U turn as he caves into presssure from his own side, so we have to hope he stands firm this one critical time.
  7. 100% agree. A bit of caution and we will be re-opening everything more thoroughly. It just needs the proper support for alittle while and then the recovery can begin. People will embrace it fully if they feel safe.
  8. There is still a significant slope going by this photo, plenty extra seats on the Chaddy side.
  9. Sam Surridge scores first goal in 2-0 Bournemouth at Burnley to knock them out of the FA Cup.
  10. I still don't think most United fans would get the enjoyment we go from even Fulham much less the 90's, but I could cut a bit of slack for Liverpool or Forest fans doing all the European nights in the 70's/80's as that was relatively trailblazing stuff and imagine there would be a story or two to hear. But still they will have been used to succes so not even the same stratosphere as us.
  11. Abolutely not without a doubt but I think he possibly predominatly does albeit Mo will have to give his opinion. The huge problem is not Al & Mo picking the team on match day but who is available for selection in terms of not sent to the Youths or discplined.
  12. No matter how hopeful we are, us playing Forest Green is not going to have the same pull as United v Liverpool. The fans will just go with the games. If ITV digital couldn't make it, then not much will. Streaming is the way it's going, whether we can earn more off the back of it nor not.
  13. It's interesting to see a bit of a theme developing. I'm not a podcast person by nature, but have listened to a few now as there are interesting guests and it's shedding light on our predicament. Despite our saga going on for a couple of decades there is still a lack of clarity/informaion/knowedge among many about certain spects, and this maybe something to feature in upcming podcasts, though I also prefer to see it written down too. Some updates in this thread though I acknowledge :: The roles, responsibility and remit of the CEO :: The roles, responsibility and rem
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