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  1. I loosely follow Oldham Rugby. Chris Hamilton will be the perfect choice for the current Latics Board. Fractious relationship with the fans. Absolutely zero fan engagement. A group of fans met, and quickly dissolved after it was clear he had no intention of engagement. No money invested, rumours he pocketed the CEO salary but used some for the squad. Prefers his own people and has only worked long term with a handful. One of whom it later transpired he was in a relationship with but had not declared it at apointment No serious relationships to speak of with lcoal businesses Left various other stadiums under a cloud with reports of debts not paid ORLFC has no current agreement in palce where to play now they've been relegated. Of course, there is a respect for tenacity, but there has been no real progress in years and many of the issues are self made. The King is dead, long live the King.
  2. Head of Operations and Secretary Michael Beech removed from the website.
  3. Changing my attendance prediction from 3,750 to 3,550 with about 45 sec to go proved costly
  4. Yeahm the turnover getting bad was pretty much why I started the thread. Gobmacked how it has turned out.
  5. Supporter Liasion & Supporter Services Gina Buckley now gone, new Ticket Office Manager Adam Street. Supporter Liasion officers TBC> Looks like it is reverting to the previous structure. Sue Bowskill, Office Manager has been take off the website. But that could be part of the Seccretary shake up I guess.
  6. 2 of the 4 cleaning operatives left a month or two ago too.
  7. I think the Caldwell rumour was leaked by Abdallah as a distraction. Multiple benefits (for Abdallah), focus away from the articles, put pressure on Curle, get the attention back on Curle for the fans, and take the aim away from who he actually has approached who might be a bit better than Caldwell.
  8. Cheers. @PeteG has some relevent info Maybe one for @Matt & @Dave_Og Facts page. https://committees.oldham.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=6194&Opt=0 https://committees.oldham.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryChronology.aspx?IId=6194&Opt=2 https://committees.oldham.gov.uk/mgDecisionDetails.aspx?IId=6194&Opt=1 https://committees.oldham.gov.uk/ieIssueDetails.aspx?IId=6194&Opt=3 https://committees.oldham.gov.uk/documents/g142/Printed minutes 14th-Sep-2011 16.00 Council.pdf?T=1
  9. Obviously I mean to use the OASF Lottery account, but you get the gist. Can I also pay tribute to the OASF recruitment drive by the new Directors. They've managed to get 200 new today, which is fantastic. Howpfully some will join the lottery to further enhance the Contingency Fund.
  10. Undoubtedly then, fans desperate for live football having missed it for 18 months, will return to BP in droves - just like other clubs. Oh hang on...
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