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  1. Until they are made to play with the Youths then released for free in January.
  2. This is good news for the chances of my local side, Tonbridge Angels. As an aside, a Bradford fan has launched a justgiving page for fans to chip in and raise some of the revenue they could have got. Not neccesarily suggesting it for Hampton & Richmond, they're probably wealthier than us!
  3. Afraid I, and you, can't as they are in Conf South no fans can attend.
  4. I know we'll get my local side, Tonbridge Angels. So I won't be able to attend (Conf South) . I missed the Maidstone game due to a weddding, so both my local sides matches missed!
  5. Bugger. almost forgot as been away for the weekend. Don't think I'd have got enough points to keep me top anyway.
  6. Downhill from here then! I'll be fighting relegation in a few weeks.
  7. "I don't care what people say in the stands"...... I think he's on a wind up. Did this one in Sept
  8. Homage by his Mum who was a big fan of the film My Left Foot and Tesco....
  9. Trips to B&Q Watching paint dry That sort of thing?!
  10. Wonder if it'll be an Alan Irvine -esque at West Ham taking charge.
  11. There was a Plan B. Barry was going to employ the owner of a local Chinese chippy. He was going to go o the microphone and ask everyone in the crowd to raise their arms aloft. He told Barry "Confucious say many hands make light work" I can't believe how many years ago I heard that joke about Boundary Park, and finally I get a chance to use it.
  12. There was a post by Flynny the groundsman from the sparky from atop the flood lights recently. (Pitch does look excellent)
  13. I agree with this 100%, I've muted a few but no one would take them seriously, and agree just seen people passonately explaining what it means. No-one could expect him to know what it means.
  14. Dean Holden is defying expectations. Top of the League. They drew today, but Barnsley equalised with a 101st, yes, minute penalty. Otherwise it was 5 out of 5.
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