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  1. I think that a move for Latics to play their home games outside the town would be the final insult, and the end of the club.
  2. I bet our groundsman is praying for the game to be off. If it goes ahead, his so far perfect pitch will resemble a paddy field.
  3. I have a similar problem, but I travel 100 miles down. Forecast does look shocking, so I will leave it until the updated forecast tomorrow morning before deciding. 🤞
  4. I don't think that they will be selling many for any part of the ground.
  5. Once upon a time teams used to use up time by running the ball to the corner flag and keeping it there for as long as possible. Which is fair enough as the ball is still in play. Anything else whilst the ball is not in play is just plain cheating. We know it, the players and managers know it, and the refs know it. So you either stop doing it , or prepare to lose in the 98th minute.
  6. If a team continually piss off refs with blatant time wasting , they will ALWAYS add on more time than was actually wasted. So time wasting doesn't work. Can football managers and players not see the blindingly obvious ? If not, don't be upset when you lose in the 98 th minute.
  7. Just arrived home after the 100 mile drive back to North Yorkshire, and I have left behind 18 months worth of total frustration. We looked like a proper team, lots of passion, skill, and a top notch work rate. Nobody had a bad game, lots had very very good games. My pick would have to be Sylla, he had a fantastic afternoon. He was closely followed by Missile, and Johnny Smith, but every one of them can be proud of themselves today. Also a very pleasing response from the crowd. After many months of absolute dross, today we had something to shout about . After hour upon hour and many months of frustration we finally look like the team that we have been hoping for. Well done to all the players, and well done to the crowd, for responding to the team in a way that I thought we had forgotten to do. Great day out.
  8. Yes we have exactly the same here in North Yorkshire
  9. But of course, as always it's the fans that have to suffer.
  10. Yeh course, Dorking would have battered us too. 😂
  11. Agree. But is Dino is so thick that he can't understand, that if you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same result ?
  12. If the worst comes to the worst , the end of the season could see us become the first inaugural member of the premier league to drop out of the top 4 divisions. History makers that could be us.
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