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  1. The worst scenario has yet to come. It will get a lot worse, and it will happen soon. I give up supporting the 3 clowns.
  2. Surely though, we would know from the managers interviews, that Rowe was not 100%. But as usual nowt. I suspect another one of our best players being frozen out.
  3. On the official site was an interview with Karl Evans, which was put on 17 hours ago. Then after being on for a very short time has been locked for some reason . Anyone know why ?
  4. How much dosh do we get for our 1st round win ?
  5. Nah, way to technical. And you need to be able to add up. Maybe welly flinging. All that you need for that is brute force and ignorance .
  6. We looked solid, worked hard and didn't really look in any danger at all. Promising I would say. Way better than last season.
  7. The Harrogate game ( 20 miles down the road from me ) will be the only Tuesday night game that I will see this coming season.
  8. Tuesday night games are a no no for me these days. A combination of getting older, and the traffic situation in driving the 200 mile round trip from North Yorkshire, essentially means that my season ticket days are over. Not that there was any chance of me buying one whilst the present circus continues. If we are not allowed to spectate games in September. Then not counting any postponed Saturday games, which would then become night matches. Of which there are 6 in the 3 worst months regarding weather, of the season. The maximum games that I could see on a Saturday is 15. This wil
  9. My Oxford supporting mate says he is very good. He saw him score 4 in one game for them. Then when he went to Fleetwood, he went back to Oxford with them and scored a 30 yard screamer to win the game for them. Class act my buddy says.
  10. I wrote to Natalie months ago, stating that until the North stand fiasco was resolved, and fans could buy tickets , and actually sit there, that I would not be renewing my Main stand season ticket. I never got a reply. And the farce goes on. And it will continue to be so until the ground, stands, name and complete infrastructure are owned by the same person or group. There is no incentive for anyone to buy a season ticket for lots of reasons, but the club look to be hell bent on making it as difficult as possible for any of us to continue our love and affection for
  11. Does this mean that you have bought 44 season tickets Pete ?
  12. Just been released from Uddersfelt. Discuss.
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