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  1. About as much use unless something miraculous happens
  2. I'd forgotten about McKay. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. I'll try again just one last time. He started 3 games. He luckily scored a very badly taken penalty for his only goal. He often wasn't in the squad, but he wasn't injured as far as I know. When he was used as a sub, he looked as though he'd never played football in his life. I don't think he would have scored if the opposition had gone home. So those three starts, then not being selected followed by having zero ability when used as a sub tells me he's one of the worst we've ever had. If, by some strange quirk of fate, he turns out to be the striker we've been hankering after, I'll hold my hands up, admit I was wrong and accept he's worth having. Now, is that fair enough? Edit: FWIW, although I believe Vera is crap, Feeney was even worse
  4. I can probably name 3 or 4, but I'll tell you who I can't see. O'Grady. Every cloud and that. Anyone spot Chris Eagles? There's some story floating around that he's training with us. And it looks like about 15 players there. Some squad that is.
  5. From the penalty spot. And he nearly ballsed that up. How many times was he a used sub? Add that to the 3 starts and you see that he wasn't very good. Now come on shucky lad. Admit it; you're on a wind up.
  6. Anywhere. As long as he goes. Aren't we supposed to have a Slovenian striker on trial, or have I imagined that?
  7. So there is some good news today. Trouble is, I dread to think who's going to be brought in to replace him. Unless Vera IS the replacement. *shudders*
  8. Go and have a lie down in a dark room; he has.
  9. Because Mo hasn't got a sodding clue what a decent footballer is. Sefil, Omrani, Branger (a lot of the time). Need I go on?
  10. That's because he wasn't good enough to start any more. I was delighted when he wasn't in the squad and hoped to God he'd never come off the bench. Unfortunately, he did.
  11. He was bloody funny when he was playing. It would have been a real comedy act if it hadn't been serious.
  12. Cheers, flower, but I'm not holding my breath.
  13. Knock it off, son. You've had a mild roasting for this before. Show a bit of maturity.
  14. Looks like De la Paz isn't coming back, then. It's a bit more than a teaser on Twatter now.
  15. Come on, boys and girls, let's see if we can have more players than last season and raise even more dosh for the Roy Castle cancer charity. And help OWTB funds along the way.
  16. I never mentioned Banks. Did I? But now he's been mentioned, another one who could only be arsed now and again and faded out of games if he got clattered.
  17. "Allegedly" not entirely accidental if ... Sorry for nicking your ellipsis
  18. Trouble is, not only do we have a very weak defence, we've no real world beaters in midfield and only one striker (if O'Grady can be regarded as such and Benteke has buggered off). If ever a squad needed all round strengthening, it's this one.
  19. Probably not. He was too erratic and played us into trouble too many times. Plus, his injury was a bad one and, whilst I have every sympathy with him over that, I just think it would have been too big a risk. I'm still fuming over Clarkey's treatment though. Absolute disgrace and shows what contempt the two <insert suitable description here> have for people.
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