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  1. Nepomuceno off for Dearnley. Am I the only one who thinks that's odd?
  2. They've had their chances, but Iversen sounds like he's saved us a couple of times. Again.
  3. I don't think he can, to be honest. If the rumours of 12 contracts being offered are true, it wouldn't surprise me if he was one of them.
  4. Ah, gotcha. I honestly couldn't remember. I wonder why he wasn't keen? (Hmmm - rubs chin thoughtfully.)
  5. It's actually Iacovitti. With a capital I. The fonts don't help.
  6. No, but those ever so nice mod people can if you ask them.
  7. Back to the letter; yes, it's very lengthy and includes a great deal that we may never get answers to. But you don't get anywhere without trying. I'd rather we went full on now and then revisit the unanswered questions (there will no doubt be plenty) in time to come. AL has been quite happy to tell all and sundry how much he's pumped into the club and how much he forks out every week/month to keep it afloat. Go on then, AL. Prove it. IIRC, didn't that likkle rascal Corney invite people to inspect the books? I think @leeslover was one who went, can't remember who else. How much were they allowed to see and would AL make the same offer? If he does, then maybe we'll see how much truth there is in Swansgate, Gasgate, Coffeegate etc. That would be a small step in the right direction, but could possibly give an insight into the financial situation the club finds itself in. If those bills/debts weren't paid, how did the big fish get their money? Or did they? We may never get to the bottom of interference with the team unless a player comes out and tells us all about it (after he's gone, of course, a la Craig Davies). As far as the pitch goes, it won't take long for us to realise what is being done to it for next season. It won't be hard to work out and that should be a pretty good barometer of the club's/AL's financial clout. Maybe not everything we have heard or read is true, but at least getting some of the answers is a bloody good start. Well done to the Trust and those that attended last Saturday. You've put the first building blocks in place. Now we need the rest of the building to start rising from the ground upwards. Your move next AL.
  8. I wish you wouldn't just sit on the fence.
  9. That's been on the cards for a while. I think we should have a catertaker (sorry singe)
  10. He plays for Grenoble Foot 38 in Ligue 2. Far too high up the French pyramid to be of interest to AL/ML/us (sort out your own order of selection preference)
  11. He's playing in the MLS now with Real Salt Lake
  12. The term "Head Coach" says it all. This, without a doubt, is going to be AL's & ML's team.
  13. That's Abdallah picking the team for the rest of the season, then. Branger will be an ever present, Vera will get more games than he deserves (even one would do it), Sylla and Sefyl will both get a run out. 17th place here we come.
  14. Craig Davies was quoted recently in The Sun <cough> saying that AL would hold a kangaroo court in the dressing room and criticise a player(s) in front of the squad. I bet that went down well if true.
  15. I was an operations manager in the bus and coach industry for many, many years and, unless the company turned out to be a bunch of shysters and provided a crap service, I would be amazed if a contract was cancelled so close to the end of the season. Summat don't add up here. There must have been a falling out of some sort. We may never know how or why.
  16. I'm with you all the way on that and maybe, just maybe, it leads to our beloved club kicking out Doink the Clown and his brother.
  17. If it is Correa, I wonder if he will just be a Lemsagam "yes man"? Stupid question, really. We all know the answer unless our esteemed leader has started to learn his lesson.
  18. They'd be the first two for contract renewals then. Soon to be followed by Maouche, Vera, Sylla et al. We'd only need a French goalkeeper. Actually, as he's Uruguayan, we'll probably end up with one or two from the South American lower divisions.
  19. I hope you don't seriously expect an honest answer to that lot. Excellent questions, but I'm sure AL would lie through his teeth to give you the answers you want to hear. Anyone who is prepared to accept responsibility as a Board member if it all goes tits up is naive at best, bonkers at worst and on a hiding to nothing. Respond to the email along the lines of "Up yours, Abdallah. You're having a laugh. Get the feck out of our club and I'd consider it then."
  20. He'd probably threaten them with physical violence if they overstepped the mark.
  21. Spot on and Jimmy McIlroy, who recently passed away, was player manager.
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