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  1. Yeah not sure there's a "probably" about it in hindsight
  2. Surprised Palmer has never really kicked on, he was outstanding for us. I'd still take him back in a heartbeat. And probably Missilou too tbf
  3. We're not attracting anyone better than Curle, no matter what anyone thinks of him. Whether he wants to stay is another matter
  4. Blaming that on Sutton ffs, he was completely isolated one on one
  5. Hope so. None of them are particularly brilliant but I'd be happy to keep the majority of these players as squad players at the very least, so long as we can add some quality along side them (big ask, tbf). Hanging on to the aforementioned two would be massive. This is such a poor division, get a well balanced squad and a decent coach and you've got a chance. As Morecambe, Cheltenham and Cambridge amongst others have shown this season Edit: also I'm not gonna judge him on an end of season dead rubber against a side still with a slim chance of staying up. He's shown e
  6. Stick, definitely. Results and performances for the most part have been positive under him, and I don't see how we're going to attract a better manager than him. Can't help but think he'll have to start with a blank canvas once again this summer mind you
  7. Brilliant performance that, possibly the best of the season. Could've 6 or 7 easily. Bam definitely makes a massive difference but everyone played their part today. Chuffed, hope they can carry it into Friday
  8. that was a great half, up there with some of the best football we've played this season. There's no doubt Bahamboula makes a huge difference
  9. He's our best player by such a long distance. Surprised he doesn't get more frustrated by some of the crap around him
  10. The fawning over CBJ on the commentary is weird. Especially considering the stick they give Badan, who's certainly been no worse than him
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