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  1. Amazing sentence that in fairness. "Other than match winning moments of magic he offers nothing" Jesus, if we can't appreciate a player like Bam whilst we're at our lowest level for forty odd years why even bother supporting Latics
  2. Doubt he's going to drop two of our only good players out of the squad entirely because they're a bit tired
  3. Can't say I was optimistic before losing Hilßner and McAleny, even less so now I don’t mind Diarra in midfield though, I've thought all season we should chuck a centre half in midfield to add a bit of steel at home. Can't be worse than the alternatives
  4. Yeah, proper natural finisher. Shame he probably won't have much of a career if he carries on like this
  5. Fantastic performance. Poor first half, and an awful goal to concede, but second half they were always on the front foot and the pressure lead to the penalty. I actually think Bam had another poor game but that's why it's worth keeping him on, he always has that moment of magic in him Adams MotM for me
  6. I know they weren't playing particularly well, but taking off Hilßner and Bam for Whelan and Blackwood was a bizarre decision. At least the former two are capable of creating something. Whelan is absolutely dire
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