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Weather and the world cup

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I'm sure you all know that severly adverse weather conditions were blamed for interrupted pictures and commentary around the world in yesterday's semi-final. (Although the internet feed didn't seem as badly affected as the TV feed from what I've read). Apparently the severe weather caused power cuts in Vienna and due to some bad logistics this meant that the broadcast feed was affected. Now fast forward two years where the world cup is to be played in South Africa. South Africa is a country that will technically be in the middle of its winter when the world cup is played (although I wouldn't be surprised if most of it is still warmer than England). Rain is going to be a feature in some of the games (or possibly snow considering it snowed in SA when i was in that part of the world last summer) and no doubt some of this rain will be what weather men in England would call heavy rain. Combine this with the fact that parts of South Africa have rolling blackouts without the burden of extra millions of tourists and you can see the problems of yesterday happening again. (Unless FIFA decide to do something about it having 'learnt' their lesson which is as likely as us winning the FA cup next year). Now imagine what will happen if any problem like yesterday occurs when a home nation is playing in a crucial game it might make the scenes in Manchester with Rangers look like a picnic.

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