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  1. Strictly speaking this isn't true. Clubs in tier 1 (and judging by what I've read today that will be fewer than pre Lockdown II) can have 4000 fans, or 50% capacity, which ever is fewer. So Forest Green whose ground's capacity is 5147 can have 2573 fans. At FGRs last Saturday home game with fans they had 3136. In Tier 2 it's 2000 fans or 50% capacity, so for League 2 it's 2000 fans (as every ground needs a capacity of 5000). Only Macclesfield had an average gate less than 2000 (1998) last season. The additional costs for allowing fans may mean it is cheape
  2. Will all depend on how much parliament can change it's legislation. There was a public consultation about it in mid-September. Essentially without that change in legislation only doctors (effectively only GPs) can give the vaccine initially as it won't have been deemed safe officially at that stage. Giving a vaccine is relatively easy and the governments proposed change didn't go far enough IMHO as only regulated and registered health care workers could give it with the change. That excluded thousands of other potential vaccinators who could easily do it, because they've already g
  3. Looks like Pete Sutcliffe is making his final journey.
  4. What's happened to Jack Williams? The lad who almost made history by playing for us in the cup a couple of seasons ago when still in school. Is he injured? I think we can get away with a multitude of changes as provided 7 players were in the squad for the last game, or the next game, or have played the most games we should be OK in terms of meeting the rules. I've heard Papa John's pizza is awful, so I'll stick my cardboard copy of the trophy on the shelf.
  5. I think Morais had a run-in with Dino previously, possibly when Morais was player-manager at Crawley. So I don't necessarily think his falling out was all down to ALMO being their usual selves. That being said telling a player on loan to stay at home isn't exactly the best business decision.
  6. Can see Lawlor playing, as he's on a season long loan. Likewise for Garrity and McCalmont. Then again I think a player on a season long loan was stopped from playing by their parent club in recent seasons.
  7. But at this level those stats are guesstimates. The Press Association are often wrong on their less complicated stats too. We let them have the ball in their half and they kept the ball well with not much threat. So they are naturally going to win the possession. We won the game, and no one remembers any other stats than that, unless you have money on it.
  8. It could just be the club complained to Twitter who are by their own nature going to take the side of a verified account with 60k+ followers. Think Dmaarms was off twitter a few months ago but got their account back.
  9. Confirmed all FA Cup games are classed as elite.
  10. Don't think he failed at Crawley. He certainly got the job at Notts County who were one of the pre-season favourites on the back of his form at Crawley. He didn't do much at Notts County though.
  11. National Leagues North and South were deemed elite. The campaign was instigated by York who despite being top at the time of lockdown had a worst PPG than Kings Lynn who were promoted. York led the campaign so playoffs could take place, which they fancied their chances in, they ended up not getting to Wembley. H&R are in National League South, so I think they will be OK. Some of the other teams might struggle, but given the government has apparently said those who can't work from home can go to work I think they'll be OK. Think the FA Cup will continue, even if le
  12. Which is what I said. Although I highlighted that just because he was United at the time, doesn't mean that Wild had no clue about him. Two different people can know about potential signings (from local clubs).
  13. Think Mo failed it once and so did a bloke who ended up buying Leeds.
  14. No he wasn't. Dearnley signed 31/01/19, played and scored against Crawley 09/02/19. Scholes was appointed 11/02/19, with his first game a 4-1 win against Yeovil the next day, and most realised Wild was effectively manager for that game, Scholes' only win.
  15. The same Zach Dearnley, who we signed in Dec 2019 / Jan 2020 from a contract at New Mills? It doesn't take a genius* to watch who United release in their early 20s and work out they might be able to do a job for us. Yes it seems likely Scholes recommended Dearnley when we signed him first time round on loan from United. But Wild was the manager and may well have known about Dearnley due to his various roles at the club and with the local FA then. * Scholes isn't a managerial genius- if he was we would have won more than 1 game in his brief tenure and his
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