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  1. The Wankdorf stadium is so named because it is in the Wankdorf area of Bern, so very similar origins to our own Boundary Park. Graz’s stadium used to be named after Arnie because he’s from there. Then after some controversy involving a death row prisoner, when he was Governor of California, there was some debate in Graz about renaming stuff named after him, including the football stadium. Arnie ended the debate himself by refusing Sturm Graz the right to use his name.
  2. I had a look at our position in Feb 2019, just before Scholes took over, we were 9 points off the playoffs with a game in hand. So a relatively comparable position to our current one. In 2019, with 3 games to go, we controlled our own destiny to make the playoffs (if we’d have won the last 3 games we were in, no matter what anyone else did). That is the least I’d expect from us in this division, but I don’t think many have classed that as a playoff push. While a lot of clubs in this division are well run and achieving a good level compared to their historical status, we aren’t. Bas
  3. I think they are using most of the money to fund a scoreboard, probably one of those video ones.
  4. Saved me the bother Monty. Hilssner doesn't have Barnes physiology, he isn't exactly sprint based either.
  5. Because the official Sky Bet League Account on Twitter posted a picture of De La Paz in reference to us not having a home clean sheet this season.
  6. 1.) For those on twitter who don’t want to pay the cost there’s some screenshots knocking about on the #oafc. If the person responsible is on here thanks again.* 2.) It tells us only very little new. I think most knew that there was a bit of cash-in-hand activity going on but not necessarily the extent of it. Most of it was collected from other sources in the public domain. 3.) That being said the aforementioned cash-in-hand was in November 2017, when Corney was nominally in charge, although AL was clearly pulling the purse strings. Presumably because AL wasn’t registered enough in t
  7. Aside from those already mentioned: Clint Hill Ryan Bertrand Although he was here for 2 season, so doesn’t count, I’d like to give a shout out to Adam Lockwood, as he was very instrumental in keeping us up in his first season.
  8. Right I don’t think I’ve explained myself well 1.) I register 2.) I link my OWTB username to my email address. 3.) I put a prediction in that’s linked to my OWTB Username. 4.) I logout 5.) I can’t then log back in using the details I had linked to my OWTB username for some reason (I’m 99.9999%certain I’ve entered my password correctly and I try a couple of minor variations just in case) 6) But I can register again the exact same email address but because I’ve linked my email address to my OWTB username I can’t re-link it. 7) I change my email address f
  9. Yeah but I won’t be able to edit my prediction on the new system, or add one for any future games.
  10. 2005 I’ll give Worcester credit at least it was a teacher training college, as opposed to some of these universities that were an all-night garage a few years ago.
  11. Thanks @oafcmettyand @Bristolaticgreat work. I have no idea how I managed it but I think I managed to get myself locked out so can’t log-in to enter having already linked my username to my email. But I can log-in with that same email, and a different one having changed my email. Apologies
  12. I don't think she saw you coming a mile off. That was the EFL's view for quite a number of months in the summer. That will have been based on government advice, which we now know was being dictated by people who had made the wrong judgement on herd immunity, as opposed to the experts paid to give advice. Some grounds were able to host fans in September / October. I don't think any blame can be placed on football club staff when the League was following advice from the government who were following advice from experts who made the wrong judgement ahead of the Committee the governme
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