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  1. Quite possibly, we’ve had a few incompetent refs at Bradford over the years. Joyce did ref a game where he gave Bradford a soft penalty and refused us a stonewall penalty, plus gave us 5 bookings to their 0. It was August bank holiday weekend 2016. But we’ve also had Ben Toner have a shocker at Bradford and someone else, I think Stockbridge, wander around trying to find the right player to book.
  2. Tonight’s referee is Ross Joyce, if that name is familiar he has earnt himself a reputation in Oldham games, most notably when we lost at home to Charlton 3-4 in one of Shez’s last home games.
  3. Bobby Madley has apparently replaced Rebecca Welch. So we’ve gone from a trendsetter to a bloke who was suspended for his comments about a disabled man. Abdallah / Corney / Blitz is still 4th official.
  4. Our resident journalist reporting that he’s left
  5. Bit of an over-generalisation there. I'm not 40 for over 2 years and I remember watching the glory days of 89 - 94. But then again my memory made me famous for 15 minutes.
  6. I think it would be reasonable to say that all those activities have stopped due to COVID-19. I certainly wouldn’t be pointing the finger too hard at the club for stopping them at any rate.
  7. There’s definitely normally 2 physios. There’s been 2 physios for a while. The fact that the head physio who was supposed to be nominally in charge of the club doctor (now doctors) leaves soon after the new club doctors take up post may not be a coincidence. I wouldn’t be surprised if the second physio, who used to nominally look after the academy, ends up as the head physio. At least they’ve sorted out the error in their advert this time.
  8. 1.) There was an awful lot of Abdallah Out chants yesterday. The more prominent 2 were the usual one at 4 minutes and then very quickly after we went 1-0 up. To be chanting Abdallah Out within a minute after the ball being back in play following scoring goes a long way to demonstrate any protests not being about the results. 2.) Even for a Rochdale v Oldham game there were a lot of police there. Most in their riot gear. This means any on-the-pitch protests will be dampened as police records and subsequent banning orders won't do any protesters any favours. I can see a heavy police presence at most Oldham games this season, especially those in the GMP area. 3.) There is also the very legitimate argument that protesting at unwilling away grounds will be counter-productive. 4.) The fact that the first half was very even, the second half we were on top for the first half of the half scoring and then holding on in the last 15 or so minutes will have quietened any protest. If we'd have been poor in the first half and been deservedly behind the protests and the toxicity will have significantly increased.
  9. This, McGahey could be to him as he was to Wheater. Clarke adds his pace too to make a potentially decent defensive unit at this level. Add in Hart's ability to play LCB (the way Couto is playing despite being good Hart doesn't get in the side at LWB for me). Our defensive record could significantly improve.
  10. 3-4-2-1. Definitely not a flat back 4. Clarke, McGahey, Pidge, with Fage and Couto as wing-backs. System worked well, but I’m a fan of the 3 at the back formations. For me it was a very good all round performance from everyone, think I’d give everyone at least a 7, Hope being the possible exception but he harried everything until he got hurt. The subs were sensible and they all contributed. If we play like that for the rest of the season we’ll be fine.
  11. The Baum may have the early KO on, but it's not really a pub for watching football.
  12. As you’ve tagged me in the least I can do is reply. Difficult to say, especially as I didn’t see Hart’s initial injury, and I’m not really sure what his original injury is/was. Nor what his new injury is. That being said it is not unusual even with the best rehab facilities and staff in the world to get a new injury shortly after being close to recovery from a previous injury. Even if it isn’t the original injury being aggravated. Most muscle groups, (calf, hamstrings, quads etc.) are muscle groups / pairs that work in synergy to provide the function you want. You can still do the essential activities of daily living with ruptured quads for example (see Vince McMahon / HHH), but you won’t be able to play sport. If Hart pulled a calf muscle against Sutton he could easily have injured: a different calf muscle on the same leg, a different leg muscle (hamstring / quad) on the same leg or the same calf muscle again. The same for the other leg as if one leg is bad you might not walk properly, to protect your bad leg, so making both legs more prone to injury. Thats not down to over-aggressive training, poor rehab, or anything other than being injured in the first place. (The most important risk factor is medical history taking is having the same condition previously). As with Dearnley, Hart’s natural physiology could be a problem, having not really seen him play I struggle to judge. TL;DR: Not really more likely the initial injury was the main issue.
  13. It is better to be silent and thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.
  14. Presumably because he supports the club and has knowledge that is useful, especially when the only other people in the Oldham side of of the directors box were the players.
  15. IIRC DKD had a poor start to last season too, after being pretty good in pre-season. I think he might be a player who is able to keep their fitness levels consistently high throughout the season, as opposed to them fluctuating. At the moment players will be close to their fittest, but in November to March most players will lose a bit, however, DKD doesn’t lose as much.
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