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ARE! - Japanese Gameshows...


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Tunnels no Minasan no Okage De:censored:a....




The last bit is hilarious!


Sorry, Rummy, but this is vapid brain-drain for the masses, something which the Japanese are especially good at. Beadle is Oscar material compared to this shower. And, I'm sorry to say, this inanity is coming to a screen near you soon.





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I've had a think about why I like these shows, Takashi's Castle and that.


I miss Jeux Sans Frontieres in it's oringinal form (it's still going) - I miss It's a Knockout. There is no other country in the world left that allows its TV shows to (apparently) openly flaunt Health and Safety regulations.





...and the immortal utterance of Stuart Hall commentating on a Benelux Prince Charming in the 'Snow White' game...


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