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Chatroom Basics


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Here are a some of the member options that are available to you in the OWTB Matchday Live Chatroom:



I've numbered them from 1 - 10:


1. Bold text toggle. Turns the bold text on or off - only for text that's displayed in the chatbox area.

2. Italic text toggle. Turns the italic text on or off. Same as above

3. Text colour chooser for the text displayed in the chatbox.

4. Add a smiley to your message - note that there are the basic ones in here.

5. Send a sound to the chatroom participants. Try not to overdo it please...

6. Anyone who has used MSN or a similar product will recognise this option. Upon clicking this button (GREEN NO ENTRY SIGN) changes your status to BUSY, or BACK SOON or anything you want. There's text box in the option that will allow you to write whatever is appropriate to your absence - HAVING A FAG etc. Keep it clean please. The busy message will appear next to your name and your status icon will change to red.

7. The "four arrows button. This will "unlock" the chatroom applet from the board and alllow you to move the "floated" chatroom wherever you want. Closing the applet window will cause you to exit the room and you'll have to log back in!

8. Help files

9. Logout

10. Amount of users in the room at that time.

Member compatibility! Make sure you've got the latest Java 2 platform on your machine - for complete piece of mind. I'm not sure of the compatibility of any other platform, so please make sure you're up to date before posting any queries in here. If you want to test out your settings, drop one of the team a PM. We'll allow you into the chatroom to test your browser and Java bits and bobs, and talk though your settings.

That's it - once again enjoy the room and don't abuse it...


If there's anything else your unsure of regarding the chatroom, please PM us.




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Struggling to get into the Chatroom?



You need the latest Java platform installed, and enabled on your browser.


First make sure your browser is up-to-date with the latest version. Then, if you do not have Java installed already, go to >>>> LINK <<<< and download the Java VirtualMachine. Run the executable and follow the installation instructions.


That's it!


The key to having an error free chatroom experience, is having your browser and Java environment bang up to date. I use Firefox 2 on Vista and both the Java environment and my browser automatically make sure that the versions I'm running are the latest.


If you are still experiencing some difficulty with the chatroom, please PM one of the mods and we'll help you out.

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