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It's not just us that have lousy stewards...

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This is ripped from a New Orleans Saints forum I frequent:


We sit in section 647 and have been since they reopened the dome. We beat on the wall to start the DE FENSE! cheers and have been doing this for years. One of my friends got yanked out the section by a rent-a-cop flexing his "I have a badge" muscle the other day without a warning for hitting on the wall. We thought he was a goner, but thankfully they let him back in. However no more hitting on the wall. Apparently human fists can break steel/metal walls...




First the nachos, now this....

Um, the nacho reference is to the Superdome catering management who have pulled the old nacho snack and replaced them with a cheaper option. This has not gone down well at all, and has spurned many Saints fans to start The Great Nacho Boycott 08 - and they are winning...


The Great Superdome Boycott of 2008!


yea I sit in 631 and the cops came up to us the last came and told us they ha to start crackin down on people beatin on the walls.... but as soon as the cops left one of my friends just kept doin it....The cops were pretty cool about it they thought it was dumb as well but they said they had to do their job....


but yea




Welcome to the NFL (No Fun League)




I guess all the no standing whiners are getting their way. What's next, no standing?

Well the Barney Fife in our section sure liked to show he was a "man in charge" I mean he didn't even give my boy a warning he just yelled at him and threatened to come grab him when he simply asked why he never got a warning. I don't mind cops.. I just don't like the ones who are on a serious powertrip.

A Barney Fife is reference to an emotional powder keg of a sheriff with the same name, in a n American TV show from the 60's.




Yea...I sit in 646 and the same thing happened to the people behind us. A lady just came from no where and was like PLEASE STOP OR YOUR GONNA GET KICKED OUT!!! everyone was booing her...


i think i am just going to sit in silence. that is what we need to do as season ticket holders. sit in utter silence. when the players ask why simply reply "the rules are such that any minor instance of fan support violates any of the numerous rules and regulations recently enacted by the powers that be. sorry, they have decided that there is to no longer be a home field advantage."




There's also another thread(s) about the New Orleans Saints not getting any airtime on ESPN, after their win over the 9'ers last weekend.


So that's where Elton Welsby went.

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