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Harry Redknapp takes over at Spurs

Guest sheridans_world

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Good old Mr. Loyalty eh? <_<

Looks like he'll be, "wheeling and dealing," himself in the transfer market as well, and that at the No 1 club for spending way over the odds on total gash. I expect to see the biggest set of unfathomable transfers since - well, since him and Fat Frank Snr got their hands on the Rio transfer pot...

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Away from Redknapp, as he does my head in anyway. I feel very sorry for Ramos. It's pretty deplorable how they've treated him in all honesty.


Since last January he's had Defoe, Berbatov and Keane taken off him; all of which score goals for fun in the Premier:censored:e. Who's come in to replace them...Roman Pavlyuchenko. Lovely.


Won them the League Cup in March too, but if you have your main strikers taken away from you in the summer and have the owner/Chief Exec sit on the war chest is an absolute stitch-up. I really hope Ramos goes on to lots of success elsewhere and Spurs continue to spiral down.

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Martin Jol, now manager of Hamburg, 2nd in the German League, reacts




Seriously though. Sell Berbatov for 30 million. Pay Portsmouth 5 million for Redknapp. Give Ramos and staff £15 million pay off. Throw in a contract for Redknapp and they've barely anything left!


Levy :lol:

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