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Lies, lies and damned statistics.

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There has been a few comments on various, recent posts about who should play in the centre back pairing that a look at last season stats is worth checking out.


The best goals to games partnership was Trotman/Stam with a ratio of 12 goals conceded in 15 games followed by Hazell/Stam 14 goals in 14 games whereas Gregan/Hazell finished with 9 goals in 7 games.


This season the ratio of goals conceded to games involving Gregan/Hazell is 13 in 11.


What does this lot prove?


1) I've got time to kill at work.

2) Stam might be a more effective centre back than a number of people will concede and should be given a longer run out when he is back to match fitness and not dropped after one game.

3) Statistics can be considered bollocks because it's an eleven man game.

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One detail you can't get away from is that when he was in the starting line-up, we let in less goals.


Last season despite what some may have you believe we had a good defence...one of the best out of the non-promoted teams i think. Our problem last season was in midfield and it still is IMO. We do have good defenders and forwards, need a bit more steel in the middle of the park. Id personally like to see Eardley in there.

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Our problem is how our midfield links up with the attack.


When Alessandra plays it does and we score more goals.


When he doesn't we draw and lose more games and play more tedious looking football.


I'd hazard a guess that because he holds the ball up more we probably concede fewer goals than when he's not on the team sheet. If anyone can be arsed, please can they look at this.


I can also confirm that he has never conceded a goal as goalkeeper which means Crossley should stand aside.

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