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Playing twice a week

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I have only seen one night game this season which was good and that was Scunny, then we go and lose to Yeovil.


We was terrible at Stockport.

Stuck one up front at Burnley

Struggled against Rochdale

Played poorly against Morecambe,



Something isnt right we look so unfit tonight it was untrue!!


Also really dont think Shez wanted to be in any cup competition, who starts with one up front at home? Any youth striker to support Lewi is better than no one!


We did it at Burnley aswell, !





Although Ive just heard the news that a Darlo player has a supsected broken neck and the game was stopped for 35mins last night, sort of brings it home that its only a game of football

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Can't see Sheridan deliberately throwing the game. It's true, we do seem to struggle in the night matches, but, if they can beat Scunthorpe 3-0, then Cheltenham surely should have been a home banker, even with the missing squad members.


They lost 3-0 at Hereford at the weekend. What could Hereford do that we couldn't? Sheridan has to look at his selection and his tactics and I'm sure that Corney will not let this go without having something to say about it.


I totally agree that it's just a game, but, people pay their money (sometimes twice a week) and it isn't cheap. These people want a passion, a belief and a commitment from the team, and a bit of tactical nous from the Manager, in return for splashing out their hard earned cash, especially when that money could be spent elsewhere. They want the hope that we won't be spending another ten seasons in this league.


This is supposedly the strongest squad we've had in a long time. It's been nullified by unnecessary tinkering. Why bring a striker in, one that had been tracked for a while and then loan him out? If he needs games under his belt, then get him on the pitch. Our pitch, not somebody else's.


Obviously, the decision to scrap reserve matches is now biting us on the bum and was a big mistake. We now have too many players not getting enough match practice and that is not good.



Best of luck to Liam Hatch, luckily, his neck is not broken.

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