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hope your kids don't use this health centre


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Im afraid ive got to agree with you there. In the initial interview the dad said the child "Somehow" managed to walk out of the room to where the cupboard was in the corridor.


Should we take a guess at how the child "somehow" managed to walk out?


When my son was that age i wouldnt let him out of my sight, especially in a place that he wasnt familiar with.

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Yes the child should have been on a tighter leash but according to the report the bin (presumably a yellow sharps bin) the needle was in was overflowing, which shouldn't happen. Also it was in reach of a two year old most are kept above where a two year old can reach. This is something that happens when children are left unsupervised (or their parents are distracted by whatever they were at the doctors for) but its also something with some clear procedures in place to limit the risk and it sounds like these have not been followed, for example very few rooms in doctors surgeries are left unlocked and doors open if not in use (usually to stop being nicked). I have seen kids come close it to similar on occassions but the staff (and me) plus the parents were alert to the dangers. If the child has not got signs of the disease in 3 months then it is unlikely they will have it in 12 but it takes 12 to be certain. I hope the surgery concerned and the parents learn a valuable lesson from this and hopefully the child will be fine.

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