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DJ's Back

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I'm really happy with this news.

I really rate the lad, seen him play a fair bit when he was in the youth & reserves and he was a real prospect IMO. My worry is this injury; it's curtailed his development at a crucial point and I worry he might not be able to get this 'lost year' back, but hopefully he can no kick-on with his career injury-free now?

I think the best bet all round is to not rush him. I'd let the lad slowly get some game-time in the reserves from now until Jan - and have him train with the 1st team everyday too (as I'm sure he will be). Then, before the window shuts in Jan, I'd look to get him out on loan for a month or so; with the aim of getting 5-6 games in for a side in L2 or Blue Square.


He offers something different again to what the other front lands can offer. His movement is top-draw and seems to me to be one of those players who is able to create & find space where others can't…….I hope he can recover from this injury set-back, put it to the back of his mind, kick on with his development and he can go on to become a cracker for us in the future.


Welcome back DJ!

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