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Ive often be the first one to moan and in some cases snarl so I just wanted to say a few words.


Today I raced back from my work do from London to pick up my 78 year old dad ( who first took me in 1981) and dashed off to the game with a crackin hangover.


We sat in the Chaddy ( my dads choice) infront of two lovely older ladies who go game after game ( the ones with the scarfs with knitted characters on em).


My dad started tellin me the story of how ( with his dad)stood in the Chaddy during the war and how he stood between the bales of cotton as they stored em there so they were away from the bombs and fire.


I looked around and spoke to randomn people about the club and Oldham in general and I began to think what it is I love about my town and club.


Ive spent time in Toronto ( I go back on the 19th December) but I wouldnt change my club or team for anything.


The first 50 minutes was the best I have seen us play, my dad was excited he split his team down him but we laughed like a couple of idiots.


I sense a real change in mood at BP, there seems to be a togethernes about the team which is translating to the fans.. simply awsome.


Although we lost today ( and it happens) I was really proud to walk out of the Chaddy with my dad seeing that my team which has been on its arse for 15 years is finally waking up to a new dawn.


As the badge says....


" We are Latics"..........................

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Nice to hear such love for your own town team. I too feel the same as you in the fact that the atmosphere in the club lately is certainly getting better without a doubt. I watched the players before the match actually started and noticed how each and everyone of them gave one another a pat on the back, which showed to me that they are in for the fight. They certainly played well today, against Sheff Wed, the ref and his idiot of an assistant.

I was not annoyed with the defeat, and I feel that if the team continue in the same vein, we will be in the play off's at the end of the season.

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