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  1. He actually out battled Neil Aspin to send a perfect header passed Mervyn Day..
  2. I loved BTB, the best cover was Andy Ritchie in shorts and a shoes with a fire work blowing out of his bum.
  3. Didn’t Oldham Vending win the shirt sponsorship.?
  4. I’ve just checked his scoring on Wiki, goal every other game for Bradfut, he’d take us out of this league if he was playing for us now.
  5. I liked his goal celebration and he had a fat head. That’s all I remember.
  6. He wasn’t that bad Derrick, Joe never fancied him.
  7. From memory, the trouble in Manchester always saw Stockport, Oldham and City join up and have a bash at one clubs with a big hooligan following.
  8. Actually, it was Mike Milligan who replaces Redders. Neil Mc came the season after!!.
  9. I remember him being subbed after 10 minutes against Man Utd in a mid week cup game.
  10. I remember screaming at the TV telling the government they were daft cunts for letting Cheltenham Races go ahead. I wonder if that will be our ground zero now, just like the football match in Italy when Atalanta played Velenzia.
  11. That’s terrible, I hope the club honour him in some way.
  12. It’s a terrible situation, my girlfriend is heavily pregnant and is self employed. If she takes the government advise and self isolates we will literally be on the verge. I’m also self employed and its having a profound impact on my stress and anxiety. I genuinely feel for people who feel in their own, literally my thoughts are with everyone affected.
  13. I posted a little while back that I’d heard that AL had got substantial backing financially. Does this mean he’s bought the whole lot?
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