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2011-2012 League Tables - After 43 games


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Highlights: opinions 4u swept the board by correctly predicting the 2-2 draw and Morais as first Latics scorer :applause1:. GravityGrave was also spot on with the result :OASISscarf:. Others that went for a draw were: stevesidg, oafc-latics, steveoafc and Ex_pat (1-1), David Collinge (0-0) and warwickshire latics (3-3). Bristolatic and rudemedic both had Morais as first scorer. A special mention has to go to oafc-latics for his prediction of Bouzanis as first scorer and an attendance of 15 :crackpot:. No one got within 100 of the 5,109 attendance so no points gained there.


Unusually, there were no ups and downs in the League placings at all this week. Three games to go now and it will take a monumental collapse for DavidCollinge to be caught. But you never know :devilish: .



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Having had a look at my predictions for the last 3 games I'm certain I'm safe from relegation out of the Prem- especially if you add my first scorer points on Bristol :wink:

After my shocking start I'm happy with that- League 1 after 10 games to mid-table Premiership at the end.

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My apologies. Mr Medic, I've done it to you again. Nothing personal, I assure you :sign0007: . I had added the points to the chart I use before working on the spreadsheet, but somehow missed adding them on when it came to it :detectivegm0: . I will add them to the next one rather than re-do this one all over again.


It actually pushes you up into 12th place, then the ones you leapfrogged drop down one. 16th place and below stay the same.


Thanks for letting me know (he said, as he skulked off into a corner)

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